Life In Pieces (S03E11) "Goose Friends Auction Fog"

From asking to break things off to being jealous of someone’s new friend and making a crappy beer, here’s a recap of this week’s episode of Life in Pieces.

Story One: Jen Gets Goosed

When Clementine returns with Lark, she asked Jen if she could break up the band with Tyler. At first she didn’t but then when she did, she got to fill in for Clementine and played and sing. Jen gets the singing bug once again. But things got weird with Tyler and she had to face her first time breaking up with a guy.

Story Two: Hello Donna, My New Friend

When Heather meets with Joan’s new friend Donna, things get a bit of jealous of how they are acting with each. So when she pulls someone older to be her friend and it becomes almost like Heather has a second mother.

Story Three: Silent Auction

Tim and Heather are about to prepare for an auction and Matt wants to put one of his paints up for the silent auction. But Tim doesn’t think anyone is going to bid on it and tells Colleen that he was the one last year that bid and won the panting. When the night of the auction comes, Matt brings out his signature painting that’s literally just his signature. As the auction starts, Matt’s painting doesn’t seem to get any bidders and that worries Tim, until someone actually bid it and that bidder happens to be Matt, but Matt learned that Tim bought the painting from last year.

Story Four: Beer Buddies

When Greg finished making his own beer brew, everyone seemed to like it but John. John, telling the truth instead of lying like the rest of the family, decides to help him out and when that batch was made, it was worst than before but John loved it, even though it was still bad. Greg takes that as an accomplishment because his dad never really lied to him about anything.
“Goose Friends Auction Fog” was a very good episode. Three out of the four stories in this episode really stood out with character growth and memorable humor, while the other really was a lightweight of a story. “The fourth story stood out along with the first story. The performances from the cast was good. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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