Riverdale (S02E10) "The Blackboard Jungle"

chic - Riverdale (S02E10) "The Blackboard Jungle"With this episode I can honestly say that there were a lot of interesting aspects in it and there was no bland moment. We first see of the shady deal between the Lodges and the Mayor of buying South Side high. This got me thinking what if the Mayor is only having an affair with Keller only to keep an eye on his activities and to steer him away from her dealings, if not I’m really curious to see how their relationship started and how big of a reveal it will be when people find out when we clearly know there’s no secret that remains hidden for long in Riverdale.

With South Side being shut for such a stupid reason who knows maybe this might prompt Jug to look into it and uncover whatever the Lodges have planned. One thing is for sure the Lodges only have their interest in mind and no one else’s. The silver lining of this whole issue is the serpents joining Riverdale High because we know of the drama that will arise and in this episode we just got a small glimpse of it. With their arrival who knows maybe they may shake up the place a bit who knows. One annoying aspect of this episode is how Jug behaved I don’t know what the writers have planned with his character because he’s so  OOC  acting like returning back is such an issue when he knows clearly  that Riverdale High can provide a lot of facilities he could never obtain at South side.

As for the second annoying part is what the writers are doing to Veronica the past few episodes she has been acting oddly. I don’t know if the writers are planning to use her to expose her parents but from what we’ve seen so far it’s highly unlikely. For starters her whole welcoming of the serpents doesn’t seem genuine because she only made such a big deal about it so that it cannot be an obstacle for her parent’s plans. What caught my eye in the whole scene was her reaction to Reggie’s words that was worth noting let’s just see how her story unfolds.

As I said earlier we saw a glimpse of drama between the students, I know before I’ve expressed how Cheryl’s character is one of the interesting ones and this episode didn’t prove any less. What I like about her character is she’s bunt and open and I liked how she didn’t back down from the serpents. Although, she’s mean her quips are what make the episodes humorous. As for the chemistry between Fangs and Kevin it didn’t go unnoticed let’s hope the writers explore it and maybe then we can finally see more of Kevin.

Finally, in this episode we learn Polly gave birth and gave her kids weird names but what sucks out of the whole thing is how she’s pushing away her mother. IDK why the writers keep on giving Alice sad arcs though with all of it we see more of @madchenamic and her phenomenal acting. What I have to say personally for me is Alice is the queen of the show and if it wasn’t for her character I would have given up on Riverdale a long time ago. In this episode we see her reach out to her son Chic and sadly all her hopes are squashed when he was harsh with her which was understandable with his history. But the episode got emotional when she broke down afterwards which to me makes her out as a great mother. Yes she can be over bearable at times but what’s worth noting is Alice is a strong woman and we’ve only seen her vulnerable and emotional when it comes to her children.

Another thing I would like to point out that so far whatever Alice has been saying panned out to be true I guess with her history as a serpent it made her able to identify snakes (the Lodges). I really hope at least we get to see mother daughter duo in action this season getting to the bottom of the Lodges activities. And personally for me i wouldn’t mind seeing more of Alice because with her little appearances she’s carrying the show so seeing more of her past will only make the show better. Or maybe even give her her own spin off where we see all about her serpent past I know I am down to watch that as long as I can see more of this queen because any scene with Alice is either bad ass or just plain awesome.

As for the Blossoms the mother daughter dynamic has been quite interesting but the way the roles have been reversed doesn’t make sense why did we get to see the writers give Cheryl the reins only for it to get snatched back. But now with her mom whoring out who knows maybe we might see big feud between the two and hopefully the two can finally talk all their issues out and have a semblance of a proper mother daughter relationship.

After seeing the insecurities between the couple recently n Archie and Betty’s closeness it was quite odd for Veronica to forgive Archie for the kiss between him and Betty and what is really odd is if the writers are not planning for Barchie to happen why are they showing us signs which might lead up to them being cannon.

What I find amusing is how Veronica has her signatures slapped all over the business which not only is it odd for a teenager but also dumb of her as this makes her accountable for whatever the business will be involved with but who knows maybe her parents are actually changed which is highly unlikely.  Another thing I found amusing was the FBI asking Archie to spy on the Lodges, the show is quite unrealistic at times but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable. One thing I found interesting is when Nick tells Archie that when it comes down to choosing Veronica will always pick her parents and we’re shown this. I can’t wait for Archie to know the truth about the whole nick issue and the whole shadiness of the lodges to come out in the open and for Archie to realize how naive it was of him to assume Veronica is unaware of her parents doing. One thing I also found amusing was that no one else but Archie suspected the black hood issue but maybe finally we might get some answers.

And lastly as for the creepy scene of Chic watching Betty sleep, could Chic be additional trouble for the family there’s only one way to find out and that is to watch. But as for the scenes of Chic being beaten up it felt staged it could be that I just want to see that which could mean more resulting drama or it could be Chic staged it so he could get access to the Coopers. The whole Chic issue has me wondering why Hal reacted the way he did when Betty told him she’d found Chic could it be what everyone is suspecting that Chic might  not be Hal’s.

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