Bull (S02E13) "Kill Shot"

It’s a “Who Don’it!”  🔫

The fireplace is crackling ♫ music is playing. He stands and screams in apparènt frustration. He takes a drink & falls asleep on the sofa.
He’s awakened by breaking glass. He finds himself, face to face with a shadowy figure. It’s a breakin; home invasion. “Don’t move” he’s told, “stop moving!” He begins to put his hands up, “wait, wait” Then one shot to the head. Jeremy Lexington (Jeff Auer) is dead. #killshot
The spouse, is the usual suspect, in such cases and the very much hated, Rebecca Lexington (Stephanue Kurtzuba) is arrested for murder #witchofwealth #bitchofgreenwich. Her attorney, Henry Wakefield  (Ramsey Faragallah) consults Bull. She didn’t do it.

Rebecca was with her daughter, Olivia (Nadia Alexander) at an upscale restaurant, in The City #Newyork during the time of the murder. #alibi

However, Dani concludes, as does #csi it’s a staged scene. The room and the items taken, indicate set up. Plus the place was well lit and with ‘Becky’s “popularity”; it’s not looking good.  Their Strategy: Guilt by Accusation

Enter Kendall Tyler, (Ashley Atkinson) unauthorized professional biographer of The Lexingtons. She has info that will clear Rebecca…for  a price. 💸

But she doesn’t want money. She wants first dibs, insights, upclose and personal, time with Rebecca for “The Definitive” book. She has proof, Rebecca is innocent. But Rebecca & Wakefield hate her. #unlikely

Bull tries to appeal to her “do the right thing” side. But she has a file, pats it and walks away “Hope to hear from you soon”  #stricklybusiness ♥ #blackheart

#trialprep. Olivia, is the alibi. Benny goes through their dinner at Del Posto, #upscale #Newyork. She lied.  Del Posto doesn’t gave a record of their dining.  Rebecca comes clean. She was in Greenwich meeting a divorce attorney

Jeremy had a very serious gambling problem.🎲 When he lost Olivia’s  college tuition; she was done. They had nothing left…except
A $25M Life Insurance policy! She’s the beneficiary. #kaching 💰 if she’s not convicted.  Right here I thought he put a hit on himself, but remembered how surprised he was when he saw the shadowy figure and cried, “wait!” So…”no”  He showed genuine disbelieve & fear before the #bigbang🔫  And so the insurance policy reveal, tightens the noose as motive.

In addition, A voice mail is played with Jeremy begging forgiveness the night of the murder. The noose  tightens.

Enter Kendall…again. investigative reporter. With a change of heart and hopes for future favors, she gives Bull a dark Web address.  He may wanna hire her sometimes. #recurring 🤔 

Dani finds the gambling site. It’s all that and so much more! Jeremy committed suicide.  #jackpot  He hired a hitman, a Donald Graham.  They followed the money. $20k 

Sidebar: Does he have his real  name on the bank account? And did Jeremy change his mind?  🤔 (see “wait, wait!”)

Anyway, the recording is a suicide note, asking forgiveness. However, Rebecca won’t use the info so Olivia can get the money #sacrifice  Sadly I knew that was coming too. #amotherslove

Yet in a diluted turn of events, she testifies, coming clean, ’cause her daughter asked her too. And that’s ok too.  

Verdict, “Not Guilty” And she probably won’t get the insurance.  Suicide is not payable. But challenge it I say 

Never the less,  being bankrupt, Bull won’t get paid. But he’s in good spirits about it. He recalls a conversation he had with Charlie Sheen, a short time ago: “Winning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be “

In a side story; Chunk goes to see Prof Jameson. (Chip Zien)  He always gives Chunk a “C” on his stellar homework. He’s prejudiced. T.A.C is nothing more than a  fancy business filled with people with a gift of gab. They’re Charletons, as are people who work for them. Drop the class or accept the “C” He’s then dismissed #ouch  

And so we know, the Professor will be needing a Trial Specialist before the season ends, right?! Can barely wait, should it come to pass!  
The episode was predictable, yet well done.👍

Bull airs, Tuesdays @ 9:00 p.m Pacific Time