Movie Review Insidious The Last Key

Insidious The Last Key is the fourth installment in the Insidious franchise and the second installment in the prequel franchise that center around Elle Rainier  character before she met Josh Lanbert for the second time.

When we last saw Elle Rainier character at the end of Insidious Chapter 3 she just got done helping this young girl with the help of Spec and Tucker who just recently join her in dealing with the supernatural. Sense then Elle Rainier has been continuing her path in helping others out when she can but when is person call her to ask for her help dealing with something that may be haunting the place she used to live at an old scar from the past resurfaced and Elle’s has to return to the place we’re she grew up at in order to confront a evil she may of released when she was young.

Insidous The Last Key starts off really solid with that setup and seeing Lin Shaye performance is really good but we’re the film feels like it lacking a little  bit is with the Key Demon. The main reason is we don’t get to see him until much further on into the film which sort feels little disappointing  in my eyes. One of the biggest reason I find  this a little disappointing  mainly for how well the trailer did on hyping the Key Demon up by showing you it can take away anyone voice just by putting his hand into a person neck and turning it like a key. I felt there was a lot of  potential on what they could do but what we got feels a little lackluster compared to the other demons who were very well belance throughout each other Insidious films. For the most part  the first and second half of the film is focuses Elle Rainier  investigating her old house while trying to figure what this dead person trying to show her or lead her to.The reveal of what it turn out being I feel is one of the other weaker points in the story in my eyes.

There are some pretty creepy moments in this movie which are good and the new characters such as Imogen Rainier (Caitlin Gerard) and Melissa Rainier (Spencer Scott) are welcome editions to this franchise. I also really like how by the end of this film this movie dose do a good job on connecting to the events of the first Insidious which make me think were could the next sequel go after this movie.

Insidous The Last Key is a somewhat flawed film for the way it chooses there   direction but overall I still find a worthy entry into it’s series that very much strive by having Lin Shaye in the main role throughout each film.

Overall I would give Insidious The Last Key a solid 3 out of 5.