NCISNOLA (S04E13) "Ties That Bind"

Josie Hill ( Samantha Marie Ware)  is singing,🎤” I put a spell on you” in Delilah’s Club.  A young man is walking thru, passing small packets of madness #drugs.  He’s followed into the back alley & confronted.  “Hey!  I told you not to do that in my club!” But it’s a setup. Turning he faces a hooded figure in the darkness and then a gunshot. 🔫


Percy and Lasalle, with a tease of fishing together, are on the Marina. They join, Loretta and Sebastian, examining, First Class Petty Officer, Theo Rollins (Askia Bennett)

During the investigation & in a subplot; Chris’ dad, Beau calls. Chris won’t answer. He’s tired of what he thinks is the same ol’ conversation. “Take over the business, get a real job!”  He’ll call him back. 
Loretta finds Theo was shot & then dumped in the lake. MDNA, a synthetic speed & hallucinogen is found on the body. He’s wearing a wrist band from Club Delilah’s. 

Pride’s mom used to sing at Delilah’s. Felix Hill (Tim Russ) Delilah’s son, runs it now. He’s devastated about Theo’s death. He practically “raised” him, after he was caught stealing from him. He claims he didn’t see him last night. #liar

Subplot: Chris goes home after a call from Rose (Rebecca Luker) his stepmom. His dad is dead. 😥  I wish he had answered his phone; so does he! #regrets. He goes home to Alabama, encouraged by Pride. #sweethomealabama

Note: I was looking forward to more Chris and his pops (Mike Pniewski)  interactions. #cheated #RIP “Beau” 

He (Beau) was gone before the ambulance got there. He was sick. He had a bad heart. He never told Chris.

There a Cade (Clayne Crawford) mention! The older brother is in rehab; self check in. It woukd be good to see him again. Til then,  Chris is on his own. 

Rachel Modine (Tessa Soltau)  an old friend, is the family attorney. Chris is the Executor of the Estate and The Boss, per his father’s will and wishes. Chris ain’ t happy. Its a full time job with 300 employees! “He cain’t go home”

But he does. He’s angry. He can’t take it all in. His home is in N’awlins. 

Back at the station: Theo was undercover, monitoring Delilah’s for drug trafficking. This is what probably got him killed.

On the verge of bankruptcy weeks ago; Delilah has paid all of her bills. They look to the new partner, Neil Clydell, (Robert Beitzel) especially after a bomb is planted in Felix’s home. He survived thanks to Dwayne, who was pulling him away from the door to arrest him.

He is hospitalized and still alive.

Neil Clydell, the new “partner ” is family of the Dixie Mafia. Gregorio & Percy stake out his home.  Josie is with him. They hear shots. Neil is dead; Josie is gone. Her phone’s ditched in the backyard with signs, she was dragged out.

Sam Chamber (Matthew Underwood) prints are all over Neil’s place. He’s an arson & explosive specialist. He plans to burn down Delilah’s with Josie in it. Why?!

Pride & Lasalle to the rescue and “in the nick of time”  The place is on fire. Josie is trapped & unconscious.  Gregorio & Percy stop Sam tryna make a getaway.

Delilah reopens & Josie sings 🎤”Amazing Grace”  a capella. 👌 Then the band plays as Dwayne sits in. 🎹 It’s a nice soft ending.

However, “saving the best for the last” Percy invites LaSalle to Delilah’s to join the team for drinks. He reluctantly     agrees. Then Rachel shows up for The Boss’s signatures.🖋 Percy, almost out the door, turns around for introductions. Rachel Modine is introduced to his “co worker”

I don’ recall if he actually said her name, for my eyes were stuck on her face of…disappointment or “piss off” hard to tell.  She said something to the effect of “bring your attorney for a drink with your…”co worker”  and walks off!  

Yep; There’s still sum’n gong on there. #Persalle 😍

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