Riverdale (S02E11) "The Wrestler"

I have to say this episode was better than the last because I feel like the writers are feeding us new interesting story lines and at the same time they are giving us explanations to some of the mysteries of the town but at the same time leave us as clueless as possible. The back bone of this episode was about the serpents’ past and with what we learnt we can finally understand why the serpents behave and act the way they do.

I just want to say this again Alice needs more screen time without her Riverdale would be dull and the writers need to get her back into her investigating reporting because someone really needs to get to the bottom of the Lodges  secrets but if not her I’ll be glad to settle for Toni doing so. After all with how the episode ended I suspect maybe Jug and her might team up to expose the Lodges and maybe Betty might also join the team it would be interesting to see this trio get to the bottom of this mystery.
I’d like to say I was happy to see more of Kevin in this episode he brings this lightness to the show and seeing him at his prime which was wrestling and his dad’s support was amazing. I just hope that we may get to see more of him so we can get to learn more about him and his relationship with his dad and everyone else. On that note we also got to see a little bit of Josie which was a relief I feel like the show needs a lot more of the characters they sideline because they bring interesting sides to the show.

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One of the things I found hypocritical is that the Mayor engages in shady deals with the Lodges  yet gets pissed at Josie for interacting with Veronica though I liked seeing Josie stand up to Veronica. I know I’ve said this before but I will repeat it again Veronica is becoming a very annoying character if this is what the writers are aiming at well they’ve succeeded.  These past few episodes all she’s been doing is pushing for her family’s agenda and what she did to Josie was plain mean but who knows maybe this will spark some drama and tension between the two and maybe Cheryl will also get involved fingers crossed that the writers give us this because Cheryl seems to be the only person who can put Veronica in her place.

As for the Coopers I’m still not sure what to think of Chic sure he seems creepy but I’m not yet sure of what his motives are towards his family.  As for Hal what is his deal towards Chic?  It’s really surprising how he treats him one would assume that Chic isn’t his son from how he acts could this be a hint that there’s more to the whole story. Despite abandoning her child we can see her put a lot of effort towards mending their relationship to the extent we see her threatening to kick Hal out.

riverdale - Riverdale (S02E11) "The Wrestler"
This is the bad ass Alice that everyone loves and wants to see more of. Another thing that will stir more drama is how towards the end we see Penelope approach Hal and knowing her current occupation it’s safe to say another adulterous relationship may happen in the show. And maybe we’ll see more of badass Alice when she confronts them, I am so looking forward to this because it will be a spectacular scene for sure.

What was odd in this episode was the whole rivalry between Archie and Hiram it seemed a little too much for the kind where a dad is protective of his daughter. And Hiram tells him it’s related to the incident with Fred and Hermione but it seems like there’s more to it. What I found suspicious was how Hiram offered Archie an internship all of a sudden it just seemed convenient that with the agent pushing him to get closer to Hiram and this happens all of a sudden. Is Hiram onto him or will he use the opportunity to maybe destroy Archie and his relationship with Veronica. One thing is for sure in all of this that Archie is in for one hell of a shock when the truth reveals itself as he seems to think Veronica is innocent in all this thus concealing some information but I can’t wait to see it.

Cheryl in this episode proved she has more layers than what she lets on, which was important for the audience to see. As much as we like seeing her bitch don’t care attitude we also like seeing her caring and sympathetic. Seeing her join the serpents protest after learning the truth shows that she’s a good person despite what she lets on and how she did it shows how much of a bad ass she is. I know this contradicts what I said on how I dislike how these teens are disrespectful to their parents but Penelope came off cruel and heartless in this episode and with what Cheryl did it kind of served her right.

Speaking of the protest I like how the serpents conducted themselves even after what Hiram did to Toni and her grandfather at the protest sidelining the crucial fact that they were celebrating the massacre of hundreds of people. I just want to say that her grandfather is a bigger and better person than most of the North siders and quite literally a bad ass in his own way.

I want for the Lodges to be put in their rightful place because they seem to hold themselves in this pedestal that makes them think they’re better than everyone and are somehow invincible which is so annoying. Maybe with everything happening and when finally people learn of them purchasing South Side High Toni, Jug or even Betty can look into it because we know Betty isn’t opposed to getting to the bottom of things. And if Jug does infect look into the matter it will be karma since Veronica has looked into FP before but unfortunately for her when Jug looks into her father he will probably uncover incriminating things on her and her family so it will be quite fitting if Jug actually is the one to investigate and uncover everything though I’m not opposed to a team up with Toni and Betty and maybe even Alice as they will need her expertise after all.

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