This Is Us (S02E13) "That’ll Be The Day"

Just like the promo for the episode that this is the day that they’ll remember and boy did we get the tip of it at the end.
Let’s start with the present day with Beth and Randell as they are starting they’re first day as apartment owners, where William lived. Randell with full excitement, jumps into full Mr. Fix mode when other tenants were complaining of their issues. Beth leaves it with Randall and even Kevin, who comes in to find something to do and make amends with Randell and Beth.
Who needs The Property Brothers, when you got The Pearson Brothers at work. Kevin takes care of the door and wall while Randall fixes the toilets and such but finds out that the apartment has bugs and gets everyone out to another place to live. Kevin and Randall do talk about the day 20 years ago about their dad.

Meanwhile, Kate surprises Toby in the bedroom, thinking that he was looking at porn, but it really was photos of dogs. Kate, who has some emotional issues with dogs, tries to find a dog for Toby and meets with Audio. Just as she’s about to adopt him, she has second thoughts. Playing with my emotions because I’m an animal lover,  but at the end Kate brings Audio home to Toby and it was like TV magic come to life.

Let’s jump to the past, 20 years ago as it’s Super Bowl Sunday and Jack is excited for what’s probably the final Pearson’s Family Super Bowl party. But things don’t go well to his plan when Kevin is just mad at not able to go do what he was hoping to do and leaves to be with Sophie, who got accepted at NYU. Kate gets a letter from a University saying that she’s one of the final candidates and wants to see or hear an original song from her. But when Jack video tapes her while singing she has a fit and express to him that she’s not what he sees as his little girl. And Randall and his new girlfriend got out and watch Titanic.

Jack tries to keep busy by fixing a new TV set for the Super Bowl party and trying to find a house that could use some redoing to get his business started. Rebecca find a place for him to do just that and tells him that they are expecting a call back from them. After Randall gets back, Jack sees him and tells him that he and his girlfriend kissed.

As Jack cleans the dishes, and puts stuff away and even shut off the crock-pot. This is the same crock-pot that they got from a neighbor couple, that started out in the episode cleaning their garage, 18 years ago as a gift and was warned about the switch needs to be fiddled with because it doesn’t always shut off. Well, that same crock-pot Jack turned off happen to turn on and started the fire leaving us with a firing kitchen, no batteries in the smoke detector and an emotional cliffhanger.

“That’ll be the Day’ was a fine and emotional episode at times, mostly between Katie and Audio and the final scene of the episode. The writing was so good from the beginning and grew to even better and better with moments of humor and sadness. The character development was so good with these characters. The scene with Kevin and Randall walking down the hall to do their job was just hilarious and making the Property Brothers look like kids. The performances from each of the cast members were amazing, Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch This Is Us on a special night Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4th at 10/9c (depends on the game. Set DVR with extra minutes just in case).