Tokyo Ghoul Movie Review

The anime Tokyo Ghoul is the recent Japanese anime to have a live action adaptation of it and I have to admit this film sort of almost flew under my rader only because I didn’t see hardly  advertisement for it. The only big advertisement I saw was on a theater home page on Facebook for the select theaters it was showing at. Now the big question here was the film good and kept in very much the spirit of the anime well I can tell you right now yes it did for the most part.

The basic plot for Tokyo Ghoul is about a kid by the name of Ken Kaneki played by (Masataka Kubota) who finally development the courage to ask this girl out by the name of Rize Kamishiro. When there out on there date she lean in on him like she going to kiss but instead take a bite out of his neck and try to kill him after toying with him for a little bit her attempt to kill him fails after a bunch of metal pipes fall on her from above killing her.

After Ken Kaneki wakes up in the hospital you overhear that the doctors did a transplant of Rize organs to Ken Kaneki who is now finding it harder to eat food he used to eat and starting have hungry  urges he unable to control. There comes a point were Ken Kaneki has to save his best friend from a ghoul attack only to almost kill him himself but he ends up getting lucky when two other ghouls are there to stop him in the act.

From there on he learns what up with his new hunger and how to control with the help of Yoshimura who runs a coffee shop with help of other ghouls like Touka Kirishima played by (Fumika Shimizu) .

The thing about the Tokyo Ghoul movie is the film dose do a good job at picking good actors and actress’s to play the role but dose not quite hit the mark on what made the anime so special. Which was the conflict with both the ghouls and humans.
There are these characters who work for the Ghoul Investgoar unit there job is to track down and kill any ghouls they find. The main two are Koutarou Amon and Kureo Mado. While the film dose do a good job at depicting these two characters the film missed the mark on both there backstory mainly Koutarou Amon who you come to understand his way of thinking in the anime and why he follows Kureo Mado like he dose. From a story perspective of the movie this comes across very narrow because when of the minor character dies that close to Amon you don’t see him depressed in anger and understand what he going through because there no weight to it.

The Tokyo Ghoul movie only follows one main story arc really and there are certain other events that happen in the anime that are very much missing from this movie which I do feel just a little bit disappointed with. However I do feel the people who made this film did go about making in a way that it very narrow when it comes to storytelling but also very good when knowing we’re to end your story.

There are a things I really like about this movie like training scene with Ken Kaneki and what Touka Kirishima dose to train him. I also like her first appearance were she save Ken Kaneki while offering him the arm of a dead person that scene had me laughing.

overall the Tokyo Ghoul movie is probably the best live action adaptation sense the Death Note movies there is some room for some improvements with the sequel but overall I did very much enjoy this film.

4 out 5 stars

for those of you who missed this film in theaters the movie will be released on DVD and blu ray on April 03 this year