Chicago Med (S03E08) "Lemons and Lemonade"

When things get tough, you have to make the best out of the situations.

Talking about having another bad week for Dr. Choi as he takes on a patient that is extremely anorexic, who happens to count her calorie intake, when she’s found’s outside the hospital. Choi asked Dr. Charles for help and negotiates calories of when she can leave the ER. But when her parents come, she finally took things to the extreme as she was prepared for this moment and denies the treatment and have her lawyer stand for her wishes.

It’s Dr. Reese’s first day back working under Charlies and takes on a Jane Doe patient that talks out of her mind in a thousand miles per second. But when she comes up with the diagnosis for her patient, Charlies doesn’t think that Reese did what he asked her to do. After examining her again, Charles comes up with the final diagnosis that Jane Doe’s got Wilson’s Diseases, due to being around cooper pots at her culinary classes. Reese talks to Charlies and that maybe it was too soon, but she still needs help on how to handle patients.

Natalie and April treat a patient, who’s showing signs of an infection that they couldn’t diagnosis until they figured out it’s a super bug. But this medical story ends with a twist and heartache as they learn that the patient gotten the infection from his girlfriend, as she’s a carrier of the bug. Soon, the girlfriend leaves but gives a note to April and Natalie to make sure her boyfriend gets it as it’s a goodbye letter.

Rhodes is living the good life with his new car and possibly a new relationship (let’s not jump ahead to that situation).When Rhodes helps a patient from Halstead, who happens to learn after surgery that she’s got cancer in her leg and the hospital and medicaid won’t pay anymore for her addition treatment. So just as she’s about to be sent to County (I’m still hoping it’s County General), Rhodes comes through and pays for her treatment.

After some good Rhodstead bromance going on, Manstead was alive in well as we finally get to see Natalie’s son Owen. When Halstead and Owen play with blocks, Owen gives Halstead something to think about: that he might not like him after throwing a block in his eye. So when Will reads about how to get along with a child, he learns. But he may be thinking too hard on this when he brings a child size truck for him to have. But after he throws another block in his other eye, Natalie tells him that Owen is 2 and doesn’t know an better.

“Lemons and Lemonade” was a good episode that showed our heroes in action and trying to make the best out a horrible situation. Rhodes help a patient out to Choi not liking to lose a patient from an illness to even Reese, who may not be ready but is progressing well. The performances from the cast was well performed, I did think the kid playing Owen stole the episode just a bit with his moments with Halstead. I do think that Rhodes will continue on his grieving of the break up with Robyn. Just how far will it go? Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

What did you think of the episode?

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