This Is Us: The Crock-Pot Aftermath

Well, what a week it has been. Who knew that we would have a war on crock-pots after watching this week’s episode of This Is Us?

If you haven’t seen this past week’s episode of This Is Us, I recommend you do because this will contain spoilers.

We knew the episode was coming before the start of the episode on how Jack will die. This episode ends with what looks like to be the beginning piece of that puzzle and it all begins with a crock-pot that Jack and Rebecca received from a neighbor less than 20 years ago. After the what turns out to be not so good Pearson’s Super Bowl party, Jack cleans the dishes, puts the food away and turns the crock-pot off that made the chili. But learning about the crock-pot, it has some flaws to it: the switch doesn’t really work that you have to jiggle it to turn it off. After Jack turns it off and leaves, the crock-pot turns back on and sparks and catches the curtains on fire.

The aftermath of that final scene drove fans of the show to throwing out their own crock-pot. First of all, let me just say that I can understand why this would happen. If that one item was the key to leading to someone’s death, I would be pretty pissed off and wanting to throw away my crock-pot as well. But guys, this crock-pot was not only fictional, it was even way over 20 years old. If you are worried about your own crock-pot, if it’s an older model get it checked out or get a new one.

Crock-pots are to help us save the time of cooking and believe me with my job as a home care aide for my grandmother it’s the perfect dinner saver. Was I shocked to see that Tuesday night? Yes I was. Did it made me cry? Yes, it did. Was I upset towards the crock-pot a little but after I accepted and moved on and I did look at the model of the crock-pot and it’s only a few years old.

We should take the show’s creator Dan Fogelman’s tweet about this event to consideration:

So maybe we should just take the rage against crockpots down a notch and at least have someone look at it or buy a new one. Because we should enjoy the wonders of what the crock-pot can be in our lives.

You can catch This Is Us this Sunday, Feb. 4th after the Super Bowl. And fair warning: set your DVR’s with extra time because the game might go longer than expected. It has happen before! Plus, stay up for the LIVE Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon as he has the cast of This Is Us on as well.