Blindspot (S03E10) Balance of Might


The end of this episode effectively set the pacing for how the show is going to unfold the story of Jane’s daughter Avery now that she’s alive.

Avery lived after she was apparently shot during Weller’s botched operation, which, we now know, she was a part of at Roman’s behest. The issues that arose between Weller and Jane from her daughter are the highlight of this episode though. Weller especially gets to process his guilt as he voices his concerns to his friend Patterson, who helps in more ways than one.

The work relationship between these two have developed into a friendship of trust. They live and die for each other, just like the other members of the team which was on display this episode when Reade’s girlfriend Megan gets roped into one of Roman’s machinations. Dad Weller (both figuratively and literally) should understand why Jane is upset he lied.

The dogs of war will be unleashed upon Roman after Weller learned that he was the one who orchestrated Avery’s death. Roman is playing a very long game and we still don’t know why he wants Megan by the end. The thoughts I have on Roman’s plan are plenty and complex. The life of Jane’s daughter isn’t the only daughter Roman is holding the strings of, as Crawford’s daughter Blake continues being seduced by Roman to get her father.

This party is rounded out by Zapata who continues being the team’s heart as her feelings for the team, especially Reade, remains conflicted with her CIA allegiances. The CIA is this season’s sleeper storyline: waiting patiently to explode while the other arcs play out, and I can’t wait to see the fallout of Zapata’s understandable relunctance to choose which side she is on. Her romantic feelings for Reade inched ever closer to the forefront of the series as it begins to complicate their dynamic and his relationship with Megan. Girl needs a day off so she can relax and get her stuff sorted because she is adding fuel to an already five alarm forest fire. The Titanic is sinking and this team couldn’t be farther apart.

It all started during Jane’s time away from the team, which we got some information thanks to this episode’s much needed flashbacks to a friend Jane made who wants to become more. They are needed due to Jane needing a new place after splitting with Weller, but this isn’t the best time to rebound. They even kissed but stopped because of Weller, but I’m not sure Jane would stop now.
My crock-pot theory is that Jane’s mysterious old friend, Clem, is somehow connected to Crawford. Off of nothing besides the fact that unless Clem is otherwise a random addition to the cast, I believe that whatever Crawford is up to obviously involves Jane and her disappearance last year alarmed Crawford so much that he sent Clem as his double agent. The cliffhanger to the episode strongly suggests that a reckoning is coming between the team and Roman, and what better way to bring them together than for Crawford to have a spy.

This episode provided a nice breather to account for all the disparate stories and they’ll likely converge at some point, and with catastrophic results. Jane’s deep sadness was palpable in every scene she was in, making this episode a highlight for Jaimie Alexander’s acting abilities. These characters have so much more to lose now. Kids play a role in at least two character arcs this season, meaning that the legacy of these characters are being determined in these episodes. 10/10 is the score I give this episode for its introspective scenes that showcased different character dynamics.

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The game is on to catch Roman and find out what he was doing with Avery as well as his Crawford feud. In case you forgot, catch Blindspot every Friday.