Scorpion (S04E15) "Wave Goodbye"

Fans of ‘Quintis’ may have been forgiven for being a little worried after seeing the title and trailer for this episode. Other than the giant Tsunami heading towards the team, there was an obvious double entendre with this title, especially given the trailer showing Toby (Eddie Kay Thomas) getting a little too close to ex-fiancé Amy (Shantel VanSanten). Could Scorpion fans be waving goodbye to this relationship?

The episode begins with Cabe (Robert Patrick) helping Walt (Elyes Gabel) and Paige (Katharine McPhee) preparing for a competition with Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby to determine who is the best couple. To the winners would go the spoils of the best desks in the office, currently occupied by Walt and Paige. ‘Waige’ seem to be completely in sync, until Cabe asks them when their first kiss was. True to form, Paige and her high EQ favour the romantic and believes their first kiss was in Kovalski’s after Walt confessed his love for her. Walt, on the other hand, believes their first kiss to be in the garage as this was, after all, where their lips first met and this constitutes a kiss (though as Cabe goes on to point out, their lips first actually first met when Paige kissed an unconscious Walt in the hospital). This goes on to be a point of contention for Paige and Walt throughout the episode, with Walt struggling to resist making snide remarks to Paige at the most inopportune of moments.

The episode is split into two stories this week, the first of which consists of the majority of Team Scorpion going out to do some routine maintenance work on a power plant, whilst the second story this week follows Toby and Amy as she looks to use Toby’s shady connections garnered from his gambling days to track down her stolen identity.

Scorpion being Scorpion, we know that their run of the mill maintenance job on this nuclear power plant will go sideways very quickly and alas, before the opening credits roll a nine-point one magnitude earthquake strikes seventy-one miles off shore, causing a 100-foot Tsunami to head straight for the team – and the nuclear reactor. Walt, asks for Toby back at the garage to give him a hand but when Sylvester (Ari Stidham) admits to a stunned team that he saw Toby and Amy getting into a car together, Happy, seemingly unconcerned at this point, tells Sylvester to find out where they are. Sylvester tells Happy they might be at Korea Town, which then serves to send Happy into a fury. After Sylvester relays the numbers to Walt, Walt realises the only choice they have remaining is to stop the Tsunami in its tracks – a plan which doesn’t sound fantastic to the rest of the team.

Following a theoretical study Sylvester showed Walt some time ago, the team plan to release a soundwave at the Tsunami to reduce its size. Happy and Paige head down towards a pipe to release a valve and enable the soundwave to be fired. The valve though is stuck and Happy, covering herself head to toe in a heatproof oil to protect herself from the steam, heads into the pipe to force it open, despite Walter – seemingly wanting to continue his streak of death-defying feats – insisting it be him who risk his life.

Faced with the possibility of her imminent death, Happy, still furious with Toby, asks Paige to tell him she loves him, and this situation is soon mirrored in Paige and Walter. With the soundwave fired at the wave, all the team can do is wait and see whether it worked. Walter realising it might not work, takes this time to apologise to Paige – it doesn’t matter when they kissed first, all that matters is that they did. Of course, Scorpion being Scorpion, the Tsunami is stopped and the team head back to the garage – but not before Happy finds Toby and “kicks his ass”.

Toby, meanwhile, has spent the day touring Los Angeles’ seedy gambling underbelly with Amy, visiting the old haunts he used to frequent when they were engaged in search of his ex-fiancé’s stolen identity. His first port of call is Rhonda (Wendy Worthington), who isn’t best pleased to see him. She initially rejects Toby’s pleas for help, but when Toby helps to catch a cheat on one of her gambling tables – using a technique Toby perfected no less – she is able to track down Amy’s identity to a man known as ‘The Gooch’ (Matt Bushell). Toby, having had run-ins with The Gooch in the past, is less than thrilled at this, but proceeds to meet with him anyway. Despite offering to end his self-imposed gambling ban, Toby’s request for Amy’s identity falls on deaf ears, and The Gooch instead decides it would be more prudent for him to simply have Toby and Amy killed. He puts them both in a casket (definitely not a coffin – a coffin is tapered at the head and foot) and drives them to a graveyard. Amy, assuming they are about to die, kisses Toby but is swiftly admonished by him – he may have been willing to gamble again, but he wasn’t going to gamble away his marriage. Cabe then turns up, police in tow, and saves Toby and Amy from an early grave.

Back at the garage, Toby admits that Amy kissed him, but Happy says she knew he wasn’t about to cheat on her; she was angry that he might have been returning to the old gambling habits she had worked so hard with him on to eliminate. Walt and Paige, having seen Happy angry with Toby all day decide to relinquish their desks voluntarily, but Toby and Happy are having none of it and taunt them into competing. The first question out of the bag? You’ve guessed it: where was your first kiss? Again, Walter and Paige’s answers are conflicting, but this time Walter says it was at Kovalski’s and Paige the garage. A lesson kids – compromise doesn’t always work!

Best one-liners
Cabe: “Your first kiss was when Paige kissed Walt when he was out cold in the hospital.”
Happy: “Pretty sure that’s a crime.”

Paige (upon learning how Toby ‘injured his back’): “We are way too involved in each other’s lives.”

Sylvester: “Don’t make my spy on my friends…”
Happy: “I am gonna make my foot spy on the inside of your butt if you don’t!”

Rhonda: “Hat wearing turd. If my cat found you in the sandbox he’d bury you.”

Gooch: “Anything else? Cup of tea?”
Toby: “Sure!”
Gooch: “Some cookies?”
Toby: “That sounds lovely.”
Gooch: “Foot massage?”
Toby: “You’re just being ridiculous”

Scorpion returns next Monday at 10/9c on CBS