Ashley Gerasimovich talks about The Detour – Delilah Parker

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Ashley Gerasimovich

Ashley stars as “Delilah Parker”, the sassy and sarcastic young teenage daughter to Nate and Robin Parker [Jason Jones & Natalie Zea].

Season 2 left viewers with Nate receiving a promising job opportunity and the family moving to New York for a fresh start. Now the Parkers are back for viewers to find the Parkers on the lam in Alaska. After months of running, the family finally finds a community of misfits and decides to settle down and start rebuilding their lives. But they’re not out of the woods, as the law isn’t far behind. While Nate and Robin learn to take on new roles in the family, Delilah starts to become a young woman.

 The multifaceted actress has worked with a number of the industry’s biggest stars in a variety of challenging roles. At the age of five, she co-starred with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn in Summit Entertainment’s drama, Fair Game. Soon after wrapping that, she went on to play Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly’s daughter “Celia” in the thriller We Need to Talk About Kevin with Ezra Miller.

 On the small screen, Louie viewers may recognize Ashley as Louis C.K.’s youngest daughter “Jane” on the FX series. Other credits include NBC’s 30 Rock, CBS’s Blue Bloods and Deadbeat for Hulu. She was seen last spring in the independent film A Different Sun, which tells the story of a young couple that emigrates from China to Germany with their young daughter.

How does it feel like being in a show which has been on air for this long?

It’s awesome! I really enjoyed working with the cast for the past three years. They’re like a second family to me! 

Being on the run meant going to different places, did you film the scenes in different places too?

Yes we did! We filmed at different locations each season, and even within the seasons, we would move to different parts of the place we were filming every three days or so.  The first season was in Atlanta, GA, second season was New York and season 3 was in Canada.

Having decided to run, what are we supposed to expect this season?

Well, the Parker’s are in Alaska this season, as we all know, so they’re going to get into some crazy adventures there! Also, there are a couple of big plot twists coming up, one of them involving Delilah, so stay tuned!

the detour season 3 poster - Ashley Gerasimovich talks about The Detour - Delilah Parker
The Detour [TBS]

With the family in a new town, still making the news, do you think this family ever has a chance of being low key?

As hard as they try, the Parker’s are too crazy not to attract some sort of attention from someone!  But there is always a chance!

Where do you see yourself in terms of personal growth as you progress with the show?

Well, ever since I started the show, I’ve matured in both my acting abilities and my knowledge. I feel like I’ve learned so much from everyone in the cast and I’ve gotten so much better since I started! As for my knowledge, let’s just say this show has made my mom and I have some very frank talks.

Are your interests still in the field of Chemistry

Yes, I still am fascinated by how the world works! But my interests have also branched off into things like digital art and storytelling! I really want to learn how to animate. 

What other projects are you working on while being on The Detour?

As of late, I’ve been auditioning and I’m excited to see what’s next for me. Stay tuned! I’ll keep you guys updated on what I am working on next!

Which episode should the fans be on watch for this season? 

All of them!  Just when you think you have it all figured out, there are some huge surprises coming your way!  Make sure to watch every episode.

Which series and/or movie are you looking forward to?

I am SO looking forward to Marvel: Infinity War!! I can’t wait to see all the heroes in the Marvel Universe fighting side by side!

Thank you for joining us. Before we end, who has been your inspiration for your role as Delilah?

I actually use the similarities that I have with Delilah to help get into character! I just think, “What would Delilah do?” and just do it! It was nice talking to you too!  Thanks for the great interview!

The Detour airs every Tuesday 10:30/9:30 c on TBS.

Photo Credit: Michael Creagh