Black Lightning (S01E03) "Lawanda:The Book of Burial"

Alright, once again we have another great episode and I truly am in love with this series! Not because of it being a superhero series but because what this superhero series brings which is real world incidents that could happen anywhere in our crazy world and being an awesome superhero series. But it’s good to finally see a series that is actually willing to bring in the problems that are a reality in our world today and for like ever!

So with this episode it was about a church that wanted to protest in the streets to show how much they hate the violence that is happening to the people of the city. And even though it was a great idea that the reverend had to march in the streets and demand for the people’s freedom. There was bound to be tragedy that would fall upon these actions! I think that is one of the problems of any human civilization, that we all choose to do what we think is the right course of action, but we don’t fully think about what we are asking others to do in that course of the action; what they might give up by doing this. And in this episode we got a taste of that, with the actions of the reverend having consequences towards the other protesters.

Now with this episode we also got a hint that leads this episode as a result of not being a part of the Arrowverse. How did they show this, well they revealed in this episode that Anissa (Nafessa Williams) was in the library just researching about genetic mutation, when she meets a young attractive woman named Grace (Chantal Thuy) who has a comic book in her back pocket. Anissa tries looking sneaky by seeing what she has but Grace can’t resist to show her, so Grace reveals the comic book but its not just any comic book my readers. It’s a DC Comics comic book of their superheroes The Outsiders; just seeing that DC Comics are being shown in this series throws it out there that this series is outside of the Arrowverse, in fact the Arrowverse doesn’t exist because they are all comic stories nothing more. Thats right; Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Vixen, etc. all of them are nothing but comic stories written by DC Comics in the Black Lightning series and in our own world.

But I’m glad though that they are revealing comic books in this series, as a comic reader it warms my heart knowing they are bringing in the geeky world into this series as well. I was really starting to wonder if they would do anything like this though but I’m glad my curiosity was answered in this episode!

Now I’ve got to say, the main villain of this series Tobias (Marvin Jones III) is literally one mean and bad guy. I mean to see this guy, who all he wants is to have order on his land of the streets but because of the protest/march happening on his turf he had to take action. Especially when he saw that Black Lightning (Cress Williams) is still alive, it angered him so much he took action by taking one single shot at the reverend, but its not just the reverend that the bullet shot at. It also hit Khalil (Jordan Calloway) which when I saw that the bullet hit him, I was literally shocked thinking we were just introduced to this character and he’s going to die. But thankfully the doctors were able to save Khalil’s life but at a cost he might or might not ever walk again. Poor kid, being paralyzed by the result of a man asking his fellow church people to rise up and take back their streets.

Overall this episode was a great episode and it looks like this series is going to deliver fantastic episodes each week which I can’t wait for!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S01E04): “Black Jesus” airs Tuesday February 6, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW