Mary Kills People (S02E05) "Come to Jesus"

Worlds are starting to collide, and it may soon prove to be too much for Mary (Caroline Dhavernas). She is struggling to keep her head in the game, but her emotions are getting the better of her. Is she willing to lose every close relationship in her life? I’m sure the answers are just beyond the horizon. The unraveling is becoming harder to hide and soon she will have to make some difficult decisions.

With Ben’s (Jay Ryan) new-found respect and understanding for what Mary does, the heat is off for now. Even with his superior prodding for information, he refuses to give her anything to go on. He would do anything for Mary, but it’s starting to look as though that feeling is mutual. They found each other in chaos and will continue to ride through the storm, together.

Everything around Mary seems to be crumbling. She no longer holds the control she once had and it’s slipping through her fingers. As a last-ditch effort Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) tries to talk some sense into her. This double life is taking its toll and she needs to be honest with herself and her eldest daughter. There’s no easy way around it. She kills people. In a failed attempt to try to reconcile with Jess (Abigail Winter) it all seems to be too little, too late. Especially when an emergency call interrupts their time together.

Just when we thought that Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) was out of the picture, she comes crashing back into Mary’s life. This woman who has put her through hell, is now pleading for Mary to save her life. After being shot from an altercation with her “suppliers”, Olivia is desperate to live. Enter the Angel of Death, ready to save the day.

Des (Richard Short) and Mary have always walked a fine line, the one between life and death. There are questionable moments that have happened between the two of them, and in a moment of clarity while crouched over a broken Olivia, they decide to save her. Perhaps they are not the monster’s they were making themselves out to be. If they can give a woman like Olivia a second chance at life, perhaps there is still hope for them.

Before they can move on with their lives, and future plans, one big problem still stands in their way. Olivia will be dealt with, but murder is not the answer. Mary has grasped onto Olivia’s weaknesses, and she knows just the person to help her end Oliva’s reign for good. Ben is the answer, he always has been.

There is only one episode left for this season. The pieces are slowly starting to come together while lives are being ripped apart. It’s anyone’s game now.

Let’s not forget the important meeting between Nicole and Des. They both have a deeper sense of death, and respect those who choose their own fate. Is there a new partnership in the books? Only time will tell.

The Season Finale of Mary Kills People airs on Global, Thursday, Feb. 8th at 7/9et 

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.