How to Get Away With Murder (S04E11) "He’s a Bad Father"

***spoilers ahead***

Last night’s episode was packed with lots of information – and a double dose of bad fathers. We pick up directly at the end of last week’s episode, with Laurel having identified the number calling Dominic. It wasn’t her father, it was her mother!

Laurel answers the phone call from her mother against Annalise and Frank’s advice. After getting off the phone, Laurel is excited, telling the others that her mother is going to come help, she’ll testify that Laurel’s dad was a terrible parent and that Laurel will be a good one. Annalise is completely against this, and after all the mental health episodes that Laurel’s mom had, I don’t blame her. Laurel says that she understands, but shrugs and says that now they have no choice, her mom is coming.

At the court, Laurel goes straight to confront her father – I swear Esai Morales is incredible, I couldn’t hate this guy more, he has that smug face down to perfection. Mr. Castillo tells Laurel that she can have her baby back in exchange for the hard drive, which, of course, she doesn’t have.

During her testimony, Laurel tells the court that she’d rather have woken up in the hospital to find out that a stranger had taken her son than that her father had. Castillo’s lawyer is super hard on questioning, straight up saying that Laurel took cocaine to harm the baby, and only backs down when the judge tells him that he’ll be censured. Laurel’s mom undergoes some pretty intense questioning from Annalise but finally admits that she knows that Laurel would be a good parent because Laurel essentially had to parent her through all of her mental episodes. Isaac gets up and testifies to Laurel’s mental health, but Mr. Castillo’s lawyer rips him apart. He uses Isaac’s daughter’s suicide and accuses Isaac of murdering his own daughter, telling the court that the DA is now reopening that case. Because of this, the judge throws out Isaac’s testimony and finds that she can’t award custody to Laurel. Yet another blow to our girl. Seriously, Mr. Castillo sitting there with his smug face makes me want to punch him so hard.

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While this is happening, the boys are working on the upcoming class action lawsuit. They make an incredible discovery when they realize that a file they’d been sent was none other than the file on Nate’s father. Annalise contacts Nate – he hasn’t seen his dad since he was 15 and is torn. Nate mailed the file because part of him wants to help his dad, but a part of him doesn’t believe his dad deserves to be helped. Annalise is able to convince him to go with her to visit his dad in prison. When Annalise and Nate get there they discover that Nate’s father had been in solitary for TWO YEARS. The evidence for solitary screwing with your mind is so overwhelming, that this could happen (and unfortunately I’m sure it actually does) is insane. The meeting does not go well, ending with Nate’s father yelling at him, “you stopped being my son the moment you became a pig…a pig is just a bitch for the white man.” He says that he’ll never sign anything and is escorted out.

While prepping Isaac for his testimony Annalise realizes that Nate’s father is legally insane, not just an asshole. She tells Nate that after all the time he spent in solitary his mind is degraded, but that none of his public defenders ever brought up his mental health. Nate goes back to the prison to see his dad, he tells him that his brain is sick, which explains a lot of the symptoms that his dad would be experiencing. His dad looks stunned, maybe having some of that explained took a weight off his shoulders. He agrees to sign up for the class action suit. Annalise plans to use him as her “face case” – not to show a model prisoner but to show one that has been completely broken by the system. Let’s hope that strategy works for her.

So two terrible fathers – one totally at fault, one maybe not so much. To catch up on the rest of our team, just briefly –

Bonnie discovers that someone is spying on her when she’s trying to find Wes’s phone in evidence. It appears that someone has her computer mirrored.

Connor has to talk Oliver down from creating a fundraiser page for Simon. Oliver feels so guilty these days, but Connor finally gets him to listen by explaining that all his actions are those of a guilty man, and it’s something the prosecution could use against him.

Frank is super uncomfortable around Laurel’s mom – through him, we get the big twist at the end. Bonnie shows Frank a picture of who Wes met with the day before he died – Ms. Castillo!!

Fairly certain this will be Annalise when she finds out:
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See you next week!