The Big Bang Theory (S11E15) “The Novelization Correlation”

Will Wheaton guest stars as the new “Professor Proton” who is none other than Sheldon’s idol or is he really? Shall we get started…

Finally, the day has arrived that Sheldon has dreaded! None other than his arch-nemesis is making his debut. The “new and improved” Proton man! (guest star Will Wheaton).  Sheldon decides to be the better man. He watches “Professor Protons” show and is totally amazed by how much he enjoyed it! It’s so comical that “Professor Proton” is just as snarky as he is. “Two Peas in a Pod”, anyone?

Sheldon is enamored by all the new inventions. Who knew you could make a hovercraft using a Turbo Tax CD? We haven’t seen him laughing and giggling like this in years. Sheldon is like a fanboy. Although, “we should have known better” (NO, this is not the Richard Marx song!) when Howard shows up at Professor Proton’s door. “WHEATON!”

Amy trying to calm down Sheldon with cold hard facts! Howard was not the one who started the on-line petition to get Wil Wheaton fired. You almost feel as if you stepped into bizarro world, Sheldon coolly approaches Howard. He tells him he won’t be a baby about it. Even though he is super jealous. Seriously, are we in Sheldon bizarro world! If anything, that confirmed it, people.

Howard explains if he wants to be on the show, he is going to have to ask for Will’s forgiveness. Next thing we know, “Knock, knock.” Guess who’s at Will’s door? Dr. Sheldon Cooper. A very sorrowful one. He finally admits to him that the show is very entertaining. Sheldon also admits to Will it’s been his dream to be on “The Professor Proton’s” show… What next surprised me.
He offers Will his apology. Sheldon suggests AMY come onto to his show to support “Female Scientist”! (You could literally hear Sheldon’s blood curling screams from inside his mind!) Amy is disinterested in being on television.  A confused Sheldon replies “You Go Girl!” Simply put, Amy doesn’t want to get in the middle of something that he loves and admires so much, “The Professor Proton Show”. Sheldon finally gets it. Amy doesn’t do a lot of things because she thinks it will make him upset. BREAKING NEWS: Same goes for Howard and Raj too, Sheldon. They just don’t want to hear your incessive complaining.

At that very moment, Sheldon vows to change. Even stating he would wear his black hat backwards. His truest commitment comes when he strongly encourages Amy to be a guest on “The Professor Proton Show.” She goes on his show. Go Amy! Sheldon is very jealous. We watch as Sheldon is screaming on the balcony. We are feeling a tinge of growth here.

Leonard, Penny and his Mom.

Leonard and Penny are role-playing with a few friends.
Leonard is writing a murder mystery about Logan Dean, a detective who uses science to solve crimes. (Forensic scientist?) Howard suggests Leonard show Bernadette the manuscript, so she can give it a once over. She loves the manuscript! There is always a catch 22: The wife is not based on his! It’s based off Penny… (The DRAMA. NEVER. STOPS.)
We then watch as the scene develops into a murder scene. Howard, Raj and Stuart are all suspects… Logan Dean (Leonard) gets his detective on with his sassy blonde who is literally treating him like garbage.
“Everything I do hurts you?” – Penny to Leonard
What is funny, he did base the “mean girl” on his wife! (Shush! Our secret!)
What happens next is funny. Leonard was nervous to let Penny read the manuscript. He’s even more relieved when she assumed that the cruel blonde was Bernadette! Leonard shuts up like a clam. He should have known better, since Penny and Bernadette are BFFs, the truth would eventually come out. Penny was a bit mad and snarky as a payback.
Leonard calls his mother and after a few minutes of righteous condescension, he suddenly realizes that the “mean girl” is based on his own mother. Leonard has a massive inferiority complex! Lenny boy has mommy issues.  Since his book has several romantic undertones in it, he stops writing. He goes back to wearing hoodies.

The Big Bang Theory (S11E15) “The Novelization Correlation” funny moments:

  • “I suppose you’ve come here to tell me that you’ve moved me to your super-secret enemies list?” – Will Wheaton aka Proton Man
  • “I don’t have a super-secret enemies list. I’m not a Bond villain. I’m just a regular guy with a regular enemy list.” – Sheldon (I was laughing hysterically to this reply.)
  • “Amy doesn’t do things sometimes because she is worried how I’ll react.” – Sheldon
  • “I couldn’t wait for you to beat me, it would take forever.” Sheldon to Amy (playing chess)

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Big Bang Theory (S11E15) “The Novelization Correlation”. Until next time!