The Good Place (S02E13) “Chapter 26: Somewhere Else” Season Finale

Hot diggity dog! With such a creative adventure in Season 2, where would our gang end up in the season finale?

As Michael makes a case for Eleanor and the gang to Jan about how the system is broken and the two had a decision about it, in private. While they were in a private meeting, feelings were out in the opening: Tahani tells Eleanor about how she walked away from her parents, Janet tells Jason how she really feels and Chidi goes for it and kiss Eleanor with the phrase “hot diggity dog!”

Soon Michael and Jan come out and figured out a way that would give him more time: to place them all in their own Middle Place or go back to The Bad Place. With both options suck for them, Michael comes up a way that might work and with a little convincing to Jan to do it, she agrees and with the snap of his finger….we’re back all the way to the beginning before death.

We jump back to Eleanor just before she gets killed, but instead of getting run over by shopping carts and hit by a truck, she gets saved by a mysteries man, Michael. And soon after Eleanor tries to be a good person from being an advocate for the environment to coming out to her roommate about the dress that she ruined and the t-shirts her and other roommate sold. But soon all good things do come to and end when Eleanor experience a set back when she accidentally bump a car and is sued by the person for whiplash.

Meanwhile, Michael and Janet are in a room watching all four, but mainly Eleanor in this episode, as they watch the transcripts of their doing.. Michael sees that Eleanor has slipped back into her old attitude and tries to help her give her a push in the right directions again. As Eleanor celebrates her birthday, she meets with the bartender, who happens to be Michael (Did anyone get a Cheers nostalgia? I sure did!). Michael advises Eleanor about how rewards are’t necessary gonna been given to you as known as moral dessert. And asked her the simple question: what do we owe each other?

When Eleanor wakes up, she searches for Chidi and watches his long videos of ethics and morals of a good person. After watching all of them, Eleanor flies to Sydney, Australia to see Chidi and asked if they could talk. Michael looks at the transcript from Eleanor’s and with a smile he says, “okay…here we go.”

The season finale was so satisfying from start to finish, not only ending on a good note but a path to what’s ahead for season three as I assume that with Eleanor meeting up with Chidi that they’re heading to a path of meeting each other and doing some good. But that’s just a thought. The episode really depicts second chances and asked that question about the morals and ethics of being a good person, which this season really strives to the theme. Loved the performance from Bell and Danson, mostly watching them at Sting’s Dessert Rose bar and Danson was the bartender. Who didn’t freak out watching that scene? Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 and Season 2 a 10/10.

You can catch The Good Place on Demand, on the NBC app, Netflix later this summer (I assume).



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