Beyond (S02E04) "Knock Knock"

In this episode,Holden(Burkely Duffield)realises he couldn’t live a normal life anymore and quit his job.Yellow Jacket(Peter Kelamis)killed his mentor,Holden’s mother(Rosy Rosemont)gets closer to Pastor Ian(Chad Willet)and Luke (Jonathan Whitesell)gets into trouble helping Riley(again!)

Willa and Holden Relationship
After “The Incident” at his workplace last episode,we see Holden(Burkely Duffield)go to Willa’s(Dilan Gwyn)place to treat the injury he thought he got from the incident(It was an injury sustained by Diego during a car crash which magically appeared on Hol0den too).When Willa(Dilan Gwyn) was cleaning the wound,Holden finally apologised for yelling at her for not telling him she was going to accept his invitation to come have dinner at his mom’s place.

They finally had sex,with Willa(Dilan Gwyn)thinking it was both her and Holden’s first time but we all know Holden(Burkely Duffield)has done it before(*coughs*Charlie*coughs*).After the sex,Willa gets a phone call from Daniel(Patrick Sanbongui)that her granfather Arthur(Alex Diakun) has gone missing and Holden also got a phone call from his father who wanted to talk about “The Incident”.

Later part of this episode,we see Willa(Dilan Gwyn) annoyed with Holden(Burkely Duffield)for always making things about himself and never asking how she feels(He didn’t ask her if her grandfather was alright)and Holden(Burkely Duffield) finally admitting he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend.I think Holden(Burkely Duffield)and Willa(Dilan Gwyn)might break up siin and we might finally see him and Charlie (Eden Brolin)together.

It’s like Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)never learns his lesson,even after getting expelled from school(still hasn’t told his mom) for helping Riley(Jacky Lai)with drugs.He decided to help her again steal drugs from a guy who she claims stole her drugs.He asks Holden(Burkely Duffield)for help but his big brother declined saying he doesn’t want use his powers to beat up a guy for a girl Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)doesn’t like but Luke still decided to go on with the plan,wanting to be good.So they staked out this guy’s house and Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)broke in to steal the drugs and the guy arrived and Riley(Jacky Lai)tried to call and text but Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)didn’t pick up amd was caught trying to escape through the window.

Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)was beaten up and his wallet taken by the guy who introduced himself as Riley’s drug dealer,the dealer said Riley still owed him money and the drugs were for him not hers.Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)tried to get help from Riley(Jacky Lai)and discovered she ran away and left him hanging,the dealer told Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)since he wants to help her,he can by paying back the money she owes and if he doesn’t,He will visit him at his home whose address he saw on Luke’s ID in his wallet.

Last episode,we saw Shoemacher(Erika Alexander) make a call to someone to kill Yellow Jacket(Peter Kelamis),as it turns out it was Yellow Jacket’s mentor Richard(Jeff Fahey).Richard(Jeff Fahey)invited Yellow Jacket to his kill him which Yellow Jacket became aware of when he discovered Richard(Jeff Fahey)was home alone(His wife and daughter were at a water park)and also when Richard told him how stupid he though red riding hood was for not knowing her grandmother was the wolf(metaphor!).Yellow Jacket(Peter Kelamis)tried telling Richard(Jeff Fahey)about his love for Hollow sky,warning his mentor Shoemacher(Erika Alexander)was dying but Richard(Jeff Fahey)was having none of it telling Yellow Jacket”You dont meddle in the boss’s business”
A fight ensured which saw Yellow Jacket(Peter Kelamis)kill his mentor with the yo-yo his daughter Emily gave him as a gift.

Charlie(Eden Brolin) is back in Fort Reed and is making good on her plan to kill Arthur(Alex Diakun)who we discovered kidnapped her and her sister and that’s the reason she was willing to break into Shoemacher’s house for Yellow she buys a gun at a shop where she meets Holden’s mother Diane(Romy Rosemont)who she lied to saying she was just in Fort Reed visiting a friend and staying at “some motel over there”

Also,In the Episode:

1)Special Agent Gale(Amy Farrington) asks Jeff(Jeff McArdle) about Holden’s connection to the members of the Hollow Sky which Jeff denied he knew nothing about.
2)Diane(Romy Rosemont)gets closer to Pastor Ian(Chad Willet),as he plans to show her the project Hollow Sky is working on(I still don’t like how involved Diane is)
3)Holden(Burkely Duffield)discovers Charlie(Eden Brolin)is in town from his mother and visits the motel she was staying in much to Charlie’s(Eden Brolin)suprise.
4)Apparently,Arthur(Alex Diakun)was digging up someone’s backyard searching for a book which he found and claims can repair the machine that can take him back to the realm to see his daughter.
5)I guess it’s a long flight from Argentina,but where is Diego(Oscar Camacho)?I can’t wait to see him face Holden(Burkely Duffield).
6)Am I the only one who thinks there is more chemistry between Luke(Jonathan Whitesell)and Willa(Dilan Gwyn)than there is between Willa(Dilan Gywn)and Holden(Burkely Duffield)?
7)Also,Am I the only one tired of seeing Holden use his powers to lift a basketball?

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