Riverdale (S02E12) The Wicked and the Divine

This episode had a little of everything to satiate everyone, and finally we’re getting answers to some of the questions we had, albeit not the answers to the bigger questions. The focus of this episode was mainly on the serpents and Veronica’s confirmation and it made up for one interesting, intense and drama-packed episode. With the last episode ending with the statue beheaded we see the consequences of the action whereby the Mayor sends eviction notices to the serpents. This brings about chaos amongst the serpents as they start to blame Jug for his article and, to make matters worse, Penny’s return in this episode was just to stir things up amongst the serpents. After all, there was no way she would have stayed away for long her return was expected but not this early on.

Fortunately for Jug he doesn’t get kicked out of the serpents and with the help of Betty they figure out the person responsible for beheading the statue. I’ve always known Jug was smart and in this episode we see him not only figure that Hiram is pressuring the mayor into evicting them but also his connection to the statue incident. It’s only a matter of time before he starts looking into him and uncovering more of the Lodge’s secrets.

One thing that I must say made an impact was when FP, Jug  and Betty walked into the serpents den moments before the voting, them walking in together made me realize how good of a trio they’d make and made me want to see more of their interactions. As for FP season 2 has really been highlighting how good of a father he is and how far he’d go to protect his son and also we’re seeing more of his leadership skills being the serpents’ head and I doubt Jug or anyone else would be able to lead as well as him. As for his fatherly side we see how much FP cares about his son and how much Jug’s actions pain him and I must say the scenes was performed amazingly( by Skeet Ulrich) as you could feel the emotions of the scene and I must say I’m loving his story arch and we are getting phenomenal scenes and performances.

With the preparation of Veronica’s confirmation a lot of things start to unfold and we get a peek into the Lodge family and see what kind of people they are. It was unsettling to see Hiram lacking a moral compass and how far he’d go to achieve whatever he wants. What I found ironic in this episode was the whole confirmation ceremony was for Veronica to denounce Satan yet she’s involved in her father’s shady criminal activities. Turning a blind eye on it doesn’t make her innocent to what’s going on and wit the whole immunity deal hanging let’s see how it will play along when the FBI agent realizes she was a willing participant in her father’s bidding.

What I must say was a disappointment was watching the Mayor apologizing to the Lodges on hers and Josie’s behalf, I was really looking forward to some drama between to the two and to make the matters worse is Josie was wronged yet she had to sing with the person who wronged her.

Archie in this episode is proving to be the perfect mole by sucking up to Hiram but did he make a mistake by revealing to Veronica his actual thoughts on her father? Is this a hint that further on Veronica will have to choose between him and her family?
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If so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all that unfold. But one thing I really liked was the writers finally acknowledging the teen’s mistakes which was highlighted in Veronica’s confession of how treating her parents rudely is a mistake.
As for Bughead fans I’m sure they were pleased with this episode as they may have finally mended up.
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But is this the calm before a storm as Jug is yet to learn of the kiss between Betty and Archie. That is definitely going to cause some friction and Betty concealing the fact is definitely going to add on it. As for Betty’s new activities on the web we’ll see how it plays on when Jug learns of it and his reaction is one I’m looking forward to. Not only his but Kevin’s and most definitely Cheryl’s as they all know of her dark side.

As for the Cooper’s Chic might just prove to be the nightmare Hal thinks him to be because his arrival has led to him pimping his sister out which I must say Alice will not be pleased about which I’m looking forward to when she realizes that. With how the episode ended Alice cleaning a dead man’s blood it’s safe to assume there is a connection between him and Chic. One thing’s for certain, things are certainly going to get a lot more interesting in the coming episodes as we’ll see how Alice deals with this if she’s responsible for the man’s death. And maybe if they decide to cover up his death we’ll see more of FP and Alice interacting since she might end up reaching out for him to help.

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The blossoms missing in this episode didn’t go unnoticed as their storyline has gotten interesting and Cheryl is one of the characters that bring humor to the show. I just hope we do not get more episodes where they are lacking as the other daughter relationship dynamics will bring a lot to the show if the writers pursue it further and won’t drop it as they have dropped some of the storylines.

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