Lucifer (S03E12) "All About Her"

Written by Alex Katsnelson and directed by Tara Nicole Weyr, “All About Her” is the first Lucifer episode of 2018 and resumes the main story line after the hiatus that began after “The Sin Bin”. This episode gets an B.

“All About Her” picks up right where “The Sin Bin” left off, after we discover that Pierce is really biblical Cain. The show finally delivers answers, as we find out the Sinnerman was Pierce’s right-hand man, but went rogue and therefore was killed by the Lieutenant, and we also discover that the Lieutenant was responsible for Lucifer’s kidnapping (or better, devilnapping), but had nothing to do with the latter’s wings being regenerated, nor his devil face going away. These revelations create a new dilemma and a problem for Lucifer. Our devil wants to tell everyone straight away all about Pierce’s secret, but doesn’t know if anyone will believe him, a point brought up by Pierce himself, given Lucifer hasn’t yet found a way to prove to Chloe and the others he is the devil.

This episode talks a lot about relationships. Chloe is still upset with Lucifer for breaking her trust, as we all remember, by kidnapping the Sinnerman. Lucifer is trying to figure Pierce (or Cain, as you prefer) out, and trying to understand what he wants. Ella is also trying to learn how to stand up for herself and get an apology from Pierce for yelling at her.  She gets help from Charlotte, who is trying to get better herself. This adds a lot of depth to the episode, and we get to know more about the characters as they gradually change as a result of what they’ve been going through. Charlotte gets one at Pierce for Ella, while Ella practices standing up for herself yelling at Lucifer for no apparent reason, which hurts and mystifies him. Lucifer seeks help from Linda, Mazikeen, and Daniel about what to do in order to get things right with Chloe; Linda suggests Lucifer pays more attention to Chloe and make things right by making it all about her, hence the name of the episode.

Pierce also has his own inner conflict, and thinking he was wrong about achieving his objectives in LA – objectives we later find have to do with Chloe being able to help him fulfill his deepest desire, which is to die. After all his tracking the Celestial beings on Earth, Pierce found out the Detective made the devil bleed – he decides to go somewhere else, leaving Chloe sad and Lucifer mad, because the Lieutenant owes him some explanations. Pierce ends up apologizing to Ella for yelling at her when she was used by Lucifer and Chloe as part of their plan to take the Sinnerman out of the Precinct. He changes his mind about leaving after Lucifer offers to make a deal between them to get back at “Dad” by killing Pierce. Lucifer persuades him considering “Dad” used Lucifer to ruin Cain’s plans. Look forward to some pretty intense stuff between Lucifer and Pierce now. That will perhaps give Pierce more chemistry with the others, as a character on the show.

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Also important is the relationship between Amenadiel and Linda, who are very intimate (without Maze knowing) for the time being, we get to know thanks to a brief period where Amenadiel believes he has chlamydia. Maze finds out about their relationship later in the episode and isn’t very pleased, of course. This will surely change Maze and Linda’s relationship, as Mazikeen feels betrayed by Linda who she held in high regard, but who hid her relationship with Amenadiel because of Maze’s clear discomfort with that relationship. In my opinion, this situation has been a bit more exciting than the Lucifer, Chloe and Pierce one lately. It’ll be interesting to see how this plot affects the characters involved and if it is going to touch the others. There are surely a lot of possibilities.

It was also good to see Daniel having more screen time. This week he was essential in solving the case, the murder of the surfer Manny the “Moondog” Taylor. Suspecting the “Orcas” – a surf gang known for choking people with surf leashes to scare them out of their “territory”, Daniel, given his surfing skill is the person chosen to go after the Orcas in a sting operation. I wonder if Kevin really surfs. Anyway, thanks to the sting operation, they find out the Orcas didn’t do it, but instead the killer was the woman protecting her private beach. Daniel has become an important character, and he deservedly seems to be becoming a fan favorite. So it is always good to see him more, especially with Charlotte, and I hope that happens more in the next episodes, as those two have a lot of chemistry together.

Now that the Pierce/Ella situation is resolved, I hope we get to see happy and warm Ella again, given that the character, played by Aimee Garcia is such a lovely character, a fan favorite (and mine too) and for sure, one of the most important characters on the show. I also look forward to Pierce’s story developments and think he is becoming a character people will like more, now that he seems a bit more human, so to speak. His character development makes me optimistic. Also, now that Pierce made a deal with the devil in order to achieve his goal to die, I wonder what will happen if he has a change of heart, given once you make a deal with the devil, you’ll have what you want in no time, but Lucifer will expect you to maintain your part of the deal.

It would be also interesting to dig in deeper into (original) Charlotte’s and Dan’s story, as well as Ella’s. I think if we get to know more about them, we’ll understand more the reason why they do what they do and have a deeper connection to them. This episode has a different feel to it, and it was really interesting. Let’s see what these great writers and actors will bring us next.