Arrow: (S06E11) "We Fall" and (S06E12) "All for Nothing"

The 11th episode started with accidents happening all over the city – a councilman died in a car accident, some people got electrocuted by an elevator and a cop was one of the casualties. The Arrow team, obviously, took upon the challenge to save these issues.

Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) first idea was to work with the “other” team – the one with Curtis (Echo Kellum), Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) and Rene (Rick Gonzalez). They agreed to share information. That “second” team then decided to go on a “hunt” for the villains and Curtis had a run-in with Vince (Johann Urb) who claimed they have the same target and he has only been working undercover.

Meanwhile Cayden (Michael Emerson) tried blacmailing Oliver (Stephen Amell) into writing him a check of 10 million dollars “each night until I say you can stop”. I find it funny how these villains keep on getting worse and worse, more and more annoying, with each passing season.

Back to the storyline … Cayden is very much convinced that Oliver killed his son. He is motivated by his revenge. So, Felicity figured she could proof just how much he is wrong. Sadly, she failed, as she couldn’t trace the probably false evidence that Cayden has on Oliver. Then Curtis and the team decided to took upon the intel that Vince gave to them erlier and it wasn’t fake intel, either. They stopped the train from exploding, if I’m correct, which happened to be the same train that William (Jack Moore) was on. Luckily, and quite obviously, Oliver helped his son out. William later on managed to see the Team Arrow’s “lair” and he proceeded to be disappointed by the fact that Oliver didn’t simply stop being the Green Arrow.

Well, what can I say? Oliver hasn’t progressed as a character (neither did anybody else, as much as I cared to notice) and I don’t think he specifically ever will. He lies. I understand the motive behind his actions, I usually do, but it doesn’t make him any less of a liar. He disappoints people, then he feels bad for disappointing them, but in the end … He simply doesn’t change.

Is Vince a liar, too? Dinah didn’t happen to believe that he was a double agent when Curtis told her so, even though Vince did indeed help them with his information. Then he gave them another piece of intel and he also ended up saving their own lives, so Dinah ran back to him. Though I liked them at the beginning, I am now certain their relationship is toxic, whether Vince is a liar or not. I do not want them to be a thing anymore.

Speaking of relationships … Felicity tried fixing Oliver’s reputation to William. Then, they had a family discussion about his heroism, as well. William ended up understanding the choice that Oliver made and Oliver ended up making another choice – wiring the money to Cayden. There’s an irony – “we won’t be blacmailed by terrorists” – but well – now we will.

Onto the 12th episode … Millions of dollars have been transmitted to Cayden’s account and Laurel has been subtly following Lance, which he thinks is a good thing.

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten an inside look to a throwback of Dinah’s and Vince’s undercover. The OG Arrow team then got the information about Vince “being the good guy now”, so the two teams paired up together to try to stop Cayden. They sent Vince on a mission that went terribly wrong when Cayden spotted him. Vince was able to talk himself out of the delicate situation, but his “boss” wasn’t done being suspicious.

Though Dinah, Rene and Curtis tried to save him, there was nothing to do in the end, since Laurel didn’t magicaly transform into a good person and she ended up killing Vince. There was more bad news – the OG team meanwhile tried locating the bomb that Cayden planted and they simply fell straight on their faces.

The episode ended with a new relevation – the fact that Cayden’s son was indeed not murdered by Oliver. That was instead planted, by another traitor on Cayden’s hands. Who could it be, maybe Laurel? Or somebody less obvious? That was quite interesting, as it is a good way to explain how are they going to defeat Cayden in the end. Because we all know they will, sooner or later. And Dinah ended up promising to kill everybody on Cayden’s team, which makes a lot of sense, let’s admit it.

I liked that spin about Cayden’s son, I’m quite intrigued to see how will it work out. I also like the fact that Vince got killed – it’s something that wasn’t predictable, since we knew he heals fast and I personally thought he couldn’t just die. It is a sad story for Dinah and their relationship. He could have evolved as a character, no doubt. But … Every and any character has a chance to evolve, especially new ones, so we simply have to look into the fact that his death contributed to the storyline.

That’d be all, folks, let’s tune in for the next episode!