Black Lightning (S01E04) "Black Jesus"

With this episode we had a lot that had happened but thats okay, it made the story even more interesting. And we also have a lot that happened in the Pierce family as well but we also met some old friends of our superhero.

Now in the episode we had for the first time Anissa (Nafessa Williams) defend Black Lightning/ Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) in the presence of investigator Henderson (Damon Gupton). Which I’m sure that had to put a smile on Jefferson’s face knowing his own daughter is defending his superhero alter ego. But we also have to wonder what will Investigator Henderson think of the new hero to soon be of Anissa? The Thunder is coming and it’s going to shock Black Lightning/ Jefferson when he finds out its his daughter.

But with a new drug going around it’s keeping the city worried about who will take care of it. Of course we all know that Black Lightning will but I’m just glad that they brought another incident that is plaguing our real world. Drug addiction, and drug spread! In the television show we learned a new drug that is being distributed called green light. Which of all names you could name a drug why in the hell would you call it something from a light system of the law? It just seems weird if you ask me but I’m not a drug expert and maybe we will never know why it was called that.

I’m just glad that they are bringing the drug issue that our world in these days deal with every day. In our own world we have to always deal with drugs like heroin, meth, etc spreading and becoming a plague of darkness towards all human beings and it makes me sad knowing that the state I live in is one of those states with the issue. We always have measures now that stop this and maybe we will get those measures in the show for the drug green light eventually.

I also feel bad for Khalil (Jordan Calloway) early in the episode we saw him doing his physical therapy which I have a theory about what happened to make him fully paralyzed so he can never walk again. I think it might’ve been the physical therapy that made the progress decline and his body didn’t accept the exercises which made the damage even worse. Now that is just a theory but it would explain in why the doctors had to give him the bad news in this episode which sucks majorly. My next theory is that the documents were forged to look that way but is a lie and Tobias (Marvin Jones III) paid the doctors to forge the fake documents and put on an act to give Khalil the bad news, which is a high possibility after all he’s still known to most as the one who “almost killed Black Lightning”.

Now that we have been fully introduced to Grace (Chantal Thuy) I wonder if her and Anissa will get into a relationship and maybe Anissa will open up to Grace about what is happening to her. I mean we had a full introduction to Anissa’s Thunder abilities in this episode. Abilities that even had Gambi (James Remar) kinda shaking in his boots but I also think that Gambi has theories about who this mystery fighter is. And I bet he’s going to start creating Anissa’s superhero suit which will debut very soon. And then soon we will get Lightning and Thunder clash their foes to the ground!

Next episode: Black Lightning(S01E05): “Aces & Pains” airs Tuesday February 13, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW