‘Legion’ Season Two Premiere Revealed

After a brilliant first season of Legion, the fans have been waiting for this moment. When it was announced Legion was getting a second season, no one was surprised. The creators have put together a masterpiece, and it will be interesting to see how the story develops from this point forward.

Yesterday it was finally revealed as to when we will be expecting Season Two to grace our screens. FX made an official announcement on the Legion twitter page.

legion2 - 'Legion' Season Two Premiere Revealed
That’s right! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 3rd. Perhaps we will will find those answers we have been searching for. Or not, I mean this is the world of Legion we are talking about. Where the viewer is left questioning their sanity after each and every episode.

The first season left the viewers on quite the cliffhanger. Not only has the sinister “Shadow King” escaped in the guise of a recently awakened Oliver. Our protagonist, David Haller (Dan Stevens), has been taken against his will. This season will surely keep us on our toes.

If the pages of IMDB prove to be correct, we will be seeing Lenny once more. The brilliant performance from Aubrey Plaza put season one over the top, and helped to catapult Legion into a league of its own.
The wait is almost over. April can’t come soon enough!

Photo: Google/IMDB