The Flash (S04E13) "True Colors"

So this episode had quite a lot of unexpected turns throughout this episode which is literally making this season the best season ever! I’m really liking this season but they did end a story arc with this episode. The story arc of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) Trial of The Flash, but its okay though the story arc was played out well!

So in this episode we had Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) purchasing all the bus metas at Iron Heights under the supervision of Warden Wolfe (Richard Brooks). Which I was always wondering if we would see the evil side of Wolfe given that we had only seen kindness from him on the television show until this episode revealing his true colors; see what I did there. But I have to say that I am really impressed that we saw that evil side from the comics of Warden Wolfe, because it wouldn’t be the real Warden without that evil side to him.

I also loved that we found a new power towards Elongated Man/Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) which being one of the superheroes who has never been loved by anyone in the DC Universe Plastic/Elongated/Stretchy Man has literally gone by so many names and its sad! One thing that I never knew from comics or anything about the character is that he can transform into anyone. Now that could be a power that Devoe could use in his grasp.

Now Devoe went through major changes in tonights episode all thanks to Barry (Grant Gustin). If it wasn’t for Barry bringing 4 bus metas into the same room then Devoe wouldn’t of had his chance of splitting his intellect up in four different people which is just messed up man. I mean hell, The Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) sees what her husband did was literally messed up. And now Devoe is inisde the minds of Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard), Kilgore (Dominic Burgess), Dwarfstar (Derek Mears), and Black Bison (Chelsea Kurtz). I have to be honest I didn’t see this coming at all! And now Devoe is going to be after Ralph/Elongated Man! Before we know it he’s gonna be going after Barry which I hope he doesn’t!

So now with Wolfe dead by the hands of Devoe, who will become the new warden? And lets hope that the new warden isn’t going to be like Wolfe. I know in the comics Wolfe was imprisoned after being caught in the crime of torturing his imprisoned meta humans. But sadly we wont be getting that story in this television show. But thats okay, because even with Wolfe killed off, it gives us the exact same result a new warden that goes by the rules all the way or at least I hope that what they do.
Now Amunet Black, I always say that I love this villain but this episode just made my love for this villain go even more high thanks to this episode. I mean Katee Sackhoff is so amazing in the role it makes me love the actress as a fan even more! Lets hope that we see even more of Amunet Black in even more episodes of this season and future seasons because she is an amazing villain!

I also loved the change of heart that Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard) had in this episode it sucks that she had to be converted into the new Devoe. I really loved that she could’ve had the potential of Barry training her to become a hero of sorts. Just like how she was in this episode! I love it when a villain proves Barry wrong and becomes a good guy but then that had to happen to her and turn all evil again!

Sad news viewers, we have to wait two to three weeks for the next episode this makes me sad!

Next Episode: The Flash(S04E14): “Subject 9” airs Tuesday February 27, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW