Bull (S02E14)"Keep Your Friends Close"

Bull assists the FBI against a hacker. Yet he finds, charity begins at home.
An airplane is in flight. The Air Traffic Controller’s screen winks at him, comes back on and then goes black 😉 uh? Three  planes are incoming and they are blind in the Control Tower.  Collison is imminent. #fireinthesky
Then, “all of da’sudden” the planes are back. They’ve barely escaped a major disaster. It was way too close & a come to Jesus moment, for at least one of the Controllers. He’s ready to go to church! 🙏  I understand! 
Elsewhere, a young couple discover they are pregnant! “Yay!” as the FBI kicks in their door. “You’re under arrest!
The next day, Marissa meets with William Flanigan, (Erik LaRay Harvey) U.S Attorney General, outside in the park.  She’s former Homeland and they trust her (what about that Kyle incident?!) They’ve arrested Malcolm Swift, (Benjamin Thys ) a cyber prodigy, for an act of terror. They need to convict this guy. TAC is asked to assist. “Uncle Sam Wants You!” #redwhiteandblue
Bull accepts. He briefs the team. No cyber communications at all, with anyone… even with each other!  Everything is old school. They are to pass notes! They cannot afford any activity that would cost them this case. So of  course…
Cable’s, “long lost friend and college roomie, Sarah, (Auden Thornton) is outside of TAC. She claims a surprise, “running into you” “Come here,  give me a hug” Let’s talk” approach 
Of course, the topic is Malcolm, her baby daddy. He’s being held on hacking into Air Traffjc Control.  He coulda brought down 2 planes, he didn’t! He claims, and Sarah believes him; he’s being framed. But why; motive? 
Cable is clearly uncomfortable, runs from her friend and runs to Bull. (Right here, she no doubt had a gut feeling) Bull advises, “NO MORE CONTACT!” It could compromise the case.  She promises. Riiight!
As she’s leaving the building, she deletes too many text from Sarah to count!  But Sarah waits in the shadows, desperate to convince cable to “follow the hack”, follow the code; confirm the cyber signature. The latter can’t be duplicated.
Sarah has a flash drive with Malcolm’s signature. She begs, “Please”  check it to confirm authenticity, proving the air hack isn’t him. Cable wont take it. Yet Sarah wears her down. Shes havin his baby! “Please” take a 2nd look.  He’s in Gpop. (General Population)  He’ll be killed! Sarah’s convincing. Cable takes the signature flash. #doomed
During the trial, the prosecution is good. The cyber trail leads to Swift, remotely accessing his target.  He had the skills to peel  away the onion skins. And The Cyber Signature is Swifts; “definitely” A 99.9999999%, per their experts. He used a timer; designed and executed remotely.
Meanwhile Cable is at the designated server. The guv’ment one. She talked her way into it, as TAC bizness. ( Right here, I’m talking to the telly, “Dont do it!” She does)
The computer detects an intrusion & alarms go off. This right here tells me its an inside job.  I was wrong. The prosecution files & evidence are erased. The flashdrive was a virus! #BFF sucks
Cable is at Bull’s, when he arrives; telling him everything. The sig flash was a virus & deleted errything. She was used and set up by Sarah.  #BFF …who is no where to be found, now. What she did is a federal crime. Prosecurial Misconduct. 
The case is looking like a mistrial. He can never be tried again…ever for this crime! #doublejeopardy. Bull goes to Dani, former FBI. Who does she know?
Cable’s friend, Harrison. (John Sciliano) is back! (Hey, I’ve  been looking for you!) She tells him what’sup with Cable and request his insights and support. He nods. #thecalvery 
Later, The FBI invades TAC & Cable’s arrested. Harrison, turned her in. #bitter He “took a bullet for her” (Dani) no more sacrifices. # WTH. And we have another friend #backstabbing. Yet that’s another story & another time. 😉 
The Judge promises a mistrial with prejudices. Cables looking at 5 years.  Is there ANYTHIING, she can bargain with?
She recalls JANET an acronym for, “Joint Airline Netwotk Employee Transportation” She saw it in the poison flashdrive.  And with a lil’research, its found to be the real hack. The Air hack was a diversion; the motive. #brilliant
So they followed the money.  Bull meets with Flanigan to barter. Bringing Malcolm to justjce, releases Cable. Attempting to sell military info (JANET) is treason. That’s life without or death, innit?!
Oh.  Then Bull fires Cable, for so many reasons.  I get it, she doesn’t. She jumps out of the car, walking quickly, not “owning it”  Bull goes back to the office #booya 👊
It was a very good episode. Friends…keep ’em close!  😕 …like an enemy! 
Bull airs, Tuesday’s @9:00 p.m Pacific Time