Kevin ‘Probably’ Saves The World (S01E13) "Fishtale"

In case you forgot, we ended the last episode with Tyler, our happy go lucky diner attendant. He has quit his job for a move to Canada, where he expects to find the love of his life.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot that Kevin IS the love of Tyler’s life while he poses as Leslie from Canada. It’s too bad that Tyler doesn’t know she’s an angel that’s been invisibly by his side many times since their meeting in Laos.

As soon as Kevin finds out he knows he has to follow and clean up the mess he and Yvette have gotten themselves into. They make a plan for her to show herself again and break up with Tyler, and they are off. Sounds easy, right?

Yvette makes a pit stop in Reno first, to talk to fellow angel, Dave. Last we saw of him, Dave had just betrayed her and convinced the other angels that Yvette was wrong about the 36 righteous souls. Since Kevin finally found his first soul, Dave sees the error of his ways and almost immediately apologizes for his actions. Then, Yvette shows him the paper cut on her finger.

Whhhhaaaaaaaat? Angels get hurt? Since when?

That sums up the sentiment they both have about the whole situation. We find out in short order that her vulnerability is temporary, thankfully. Dave speculates that their interactions with humanity have made them ever so slightly, more human. Clearly, things are changing on earth for humans and angels alike. Knowing this, and not knowing how to stop it, Yvette asks Dave to come back and help again.

His reply comes so quick I couldn’t help but to actually LOL:
“I’m back. Team Kevin forever.”

Over in Canada, we find Tyler working at a fish counter. Suddenly, the title of the episode takes on a double meaning. He thinks that his mysterious lady love will surely walk by one day, as that market is her favorite place to shop. We don’t see that come to fruition, but Kevin does get a vision and decides he needs to stay in Canada to find the next soul. That means, stringing Tyler along a little bit more. While there, he decides to help the Gus, the owner of that fish counter, by going to visit “The Man” who has raised the rent on the poor old guy.

“The Man,” as it turns out, is actually a very kind woman who gives Kevin the idea to help Gus update his store in her market. He takes this idea and RUNS with it. We soon see Kevin and Tyler tossing fish back and forth to draw a massive crowd. Gus and everyone else are pleasantly surprised at the turn of events.

Meanwhile, Amy and her cop get friendlier back at home. She invites him in for the first time… as a couple. They sneak around like they are back in high school, and you can’t help but laugh at how juvenile, and simultaneously super cute, they are being.
What isn’t cute, is Tyler dropping a gigantic fish on a small child. That ends the whole fish throwing show real quick like. Though the stand has to be shut down after that, they have made such a positive difference that Gus has finally decided to upgrade his counter. That means he and “The Man” are back to being friends again. Kevin is so excited that he gives her (the man) a big hug and BOOM – the second of the 36 normal people with good in their hearts has been found. Another righteous soul in the books.

Unfortunately, we end with Kevin getting a huge reality check. As it turns out, Tyler isn’t on team Kevin anymore. Much to Kevin’s dismay, Tyler does not care about Kevin’s good intentions. He is hurt, to the core. I mean, who could even blame him?

Final Word:

This episode breaks my heart just a little bit. Kevin, like so many of us, really thought he was doing the right thing by creating Leslie. Unfortunately, he’s missed the mark by a long shot. That can be so analogous to life though. Just because an individual sees one thing as right and proper, doesn’t mean another person won’t see it as deceit. It’s not always simple to figure out what the best plan of action is in this life, but hopefully, like Kevin seems to be doing, we can learn from our mistakes and do better.

Favorite Quote of the Episode:
“Magical. Now, will you please climb out my window?” – Amy