Mary Kills People (S02E06) "Fatal Flaw"

This series has been known to push the limits and walk that very perilous line between life and death. With a season finale, all bets are off the table, and anything can happen. The creators brought season two to a close with striking beauty and a sense of peace. Don’t worry, they left it open for a third season if the need should ever arise.

Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) has been struggling with keeping her two worlds apart, doing this has caused a chain reaction within her life, losing the ones she loves in the process. There is almost a sense of relief when Jess (Abigail Winter) finally gets a glimpse into her mothers darkness. Instead of it wedging a divide, it ends up bringing them closer together. Mary needed to be honest with herself in order to be honest with her daughter. This shows that anything is fixable, if you want it to be.

In order to reclaim her life, Mary must finally take control. Even if it means stepping out of her boundaries and making less than ideal decisions. Not only is she being truthful to herself for once, she is finding her way. Quitting her job is another step in the right direction.

Ben (Jay Ryan) has convinced Mary that the best way to corner Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) is to wear a wire, and get the confession on tape. They need solid evidence, and even against the protests from Des (Richard Short), Mary takes that leap of faith. As we know, every well laid out plan has a few flaws, one of them being Ben’s emotional response to more of the ugly truths deep within Mary. This sets off a sequence of events that cannot be recovered from, not only is Mary Trapped with a potential psychopath, her cover has been blown.

The dynamics between Ben and Mary have always been strained, but this new development is unforgivable. Not only did Ben leave Mary vulnerable, even when the predetermined safe word was uttered (“karma” for those who are curious), his vendetta against her is restored when hearing the truth about Olivia’s brother. Olivia has won this hand, but I am sure the saga isn’t over.
Not only is Olivia not going anywhere, she has a hold over Mary. Their relationship is complicated, but it does come with perks. True to her word, Olivia actually delivered a lifetime supply of pento to Mary, minus one box, just in case any other “issues” arise in the future.

Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) has decided to become a partner in the “death retreat”. She adds a different kind of spark to the mix, proving that she can hold her own in times of death and despair. One of the long time patients we have often seen Mary conversing with, has come to the end of his timeline. Brendan (Salvatore Antonio) is the first to pass on at the “death retreat”. He has been suffering for so long, now planning his inevitable demise is in his hands and he is allowed to die with his grace and dignity in tact, surrounded by his loved ones.

We have seen a lot of death on this show, but there seemed to be something different about Brendan’s end of life show. The way it was done brought a beautiful glow into an otherwise gloomy circumstance. It was a celebration, and he went out the way he wanted to. I’m tearing up just thinking about it, but that’s what makes it such a great show.

There has been a shift within Mary’s world. When it once held so much darkness, there is finally light guiding her way. Jess was even there to witness exactly what Mary and Des do, give people a chance to have control over a situation that has left them with death as their only option. As Brendan slips away, a sense of peace settles.

It was a perfect way to end this season. There have been so many ups and downs, but for once things seem to be going just the way they want them to. I am sure this will come back to haunt them in a potential third season, but it’s one hell of a way to go.
They had been struggling to find a name for their retreat, what they decided on seems quite fitting. “Joys”, after Mary and Nicole’s mother. It seems quite befitting considering the circumstances. Have we come full circle? It sure feels like it.

I hope we will be seeing more of this dynamic cast. There are still more stories to tell and more inner demons to vanquish.

This was the Second Season Finale for “Mary Kills People”

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of reivew.