NCISNOLA (S04E13) "A New Dawn"

Tonight, A Petty Officer trys to help a refugee family detour terrorist recruitment.
Our story begins with upbeat jazz playing. It’ s dancing in the streets. It’s Mardi Gras in N’Awlins.
A young women is talking on her cell, in Arabic, near the tracks. She’s walking fast, thinking someone is after her. Someone is! She’s attacked and thrown over a guard rail. She’s then slapped around before being thrown onto the tracks of an on coming train!  #brutal
Across town; It’s a political lunch debate. Loretta is at the table as a part of the planning committee for Mayoral candidate Taylor. (Amanda Warren) It’s the usual and customaty; Old Money and Influence vs. The New Dawn. Loretta gets a personal call from Dwayne. He’s there to pick her up. #deadsailor
The scene is Sailor vs Train. Chief Petty Officer, Erica Croft (Elena Sanchez) is dead. With further investigation, it wasnt an accident. Her speciality was intercepting intel. Finding her cell, Gregorio and LaSalle check out the location of the last call.
And Percy is MIA, taking personal time, Gregorio says. LaSalle wants more details.  😍 He doesn’t get it.  At least her whereabouts are mentioned this time.  #respect.
Gregorio & Lasalle are lead  to Ms. Noora Saadi  (Najla Said) by Erica’s cell. Sharif (Joey Vahedi) the young son, runs . He’s lost in the crowd, although given a good chase.  A Jihad flag and bomb readings are found in their apartnent.  A presumed terrorist is on the loose.
Sharif is lost and angry, a perfect recruit, for ISIS and “to whom it may concern” Mama Sharif ain’t talking. & ‘won’t tell how to reach/find her son. Dwayne calls Loretta to convince Noora to help. It works. Love the Pride & Wade dynamic 
Cuteness continues through out:  LaSalle to Gregorio: When is Percy coming back?  💕
Sharif meets his mom at a designated site. But before NCIS could get him, a van shows up and snatches him! He screams & proclaims as he’ s lifted away, “they want me to kill the Mayor” That’s his assignment, kill Taylor! What?!  
‘Love it when the show umbrella’s, branches and weaves seemingly different plots, subplots & side stories together to make one fantastic tale! Nobody does it like N’AWLINS. 👌
And so  the question begs in this Forced, ISIS recruitment…Why?  Taylor’s a high profile campaign. They want to make a point? 
Yossef  Abbas (Eyad Elbitar) has Sharif and a fertilizer bomb. 💣 It’s loaded into a boat to explode during Taylor’s speech in the park. It’s heavily attended.
Pride shoots it before it lands. It explodes. Sharif is dead; believed to be driving. But he’s not. Another minion, Zahid Fahid, was tied to the steering wheel to crash, explode  & kill many people. So why do they need Sharif?
“Refugees and criminals” is the theme used to (further) tarnish Taylor. And an election, during Mardi Gras provides distraction, confusion & people won’t showup to vote !  Really? #asimpleplan
Loretta goes to talk Taylor down & lead her away from voting. She won’t be intimidated!  She goes to be with the refugees. Refusing to listen, she approaches Noora with the good news, she’s standing with them & Sharif is alive!
But mama’s got a bomb strapped to her. She apologizes as she’ s only saving her son. Right here, is the “why” They wanted mama, all along. Sharif was the leverage. #spy,
Loretta talks fast ..very fast! “Saved by the bell”, when her phone rings, it’s Sharif. Speaking in Arabic, he’s alright. Mama’s arrested, yet at peace. Her son lives, and she didn’t have to kill anyone!  
Dwayne goes to Mr Cook, (Michael Mulheren) the agent for the opposing candidate, Congressnan Vernon Butler.  (Peter Rini) Conspiracy,  fraud, terrorism…”you name it!” Cook hired mercenaties to win the election and taint Taylor; actually kill her! .#epicfaiL
However, Taylor made history that night! #shewon They toast; while Lasalle’s still fishing for Percy. I wanna know too!  What’s so personal you need a day?! 
It was a another good one. The twist and turns, I applaud . 👏 Terror breeds in our own back yard as a means of fueling our ambitions, especially in politics. #fakenews and all those ‘doing anything to win.
NCIS New Orleans airs,  Tuesday’s 10:00 p.m Pacific Time