Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (S01E01)


The House Guests are introduced and enter the Big Brother House

The awaited Celebrity Edition of Big Brother has finally arrived! If you’re a fan a Big Brother, then you knew at the end of last summer that Julie Chen, host of Big Brother, announced a “Celebrity” edition coming. What??!!?? YES!! Well it’s here and has NOT disappointed for it’s premiere show. Big Brother’s saying, “Expect the Unexpected” holds true right off the bat.
Host Julie Chen opened the show with giving a breakdown of what to expect for the Celebrity Edition and let us know that this will be the fastest paced show we’ve ever seen, with HOH competitions, Veto competitions, and Evictions sometimes happening on the same night and that in three weeks, the FIRST Big Brother Celebrity winner will be crowned, receiving $250,000. What I loved is how Julie stated up front, that these celebrities may be used to the camera, however, have never experienced anything like this. The Big Brother house is equipped with 94 cameras, 173 microphones that are ALWAYS on. Capturing their every move and word.

So let’s get down to who is now in the Big Brother house. There are 11 Celebrities, each one with their own unique qualities. I’m sure Big Brother thought long and hard about the combination of celebrities and this group has someone for everyone!
Let’s start with Sugar Ray’s own Mark McGrath. He’s a husband, a father of twins and says, “I don’t think I’m going to be perceived as a threat. I have a pretty good way of getting along with everybody, coming from the music world, dealing with different personalities. But I’m a super competitive person, so if I feel like someone’s coming after me, I’m coming for them……it’s that simple.”

Brandi Glanville, known from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and an entrepreneur, has two books, a beauty blog, a Chardonnay line, and a T-shirt line. Admittedly says she will do anything for money, that she’s a hustler. She’s a single Mom who day drinks and stated, “I’m a desperate middle-aged woman, who has to pay for private school. It’s the truth, it’s $30,000 a year.” So desperate times, calls for desperate measures. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Metta World Peace, NBA Champion, who was actually born Ronald William Artest Jr., and changed his name in 2011. He is now a coach for player development for the South Bay Lakers and was on the championship Lakers team before ending his playing career in 2017. Metta is going into the Big Brother house blind because has NEVER watched Big Brother. He’s in for quite the ride!

Ariadna Gutierrez, is the Miss Columbia, who was wrongfully crowned Miss Universe in 2015, by Comedian and Tv & radio host, Steve Harvey. Ironically, after that, her world of modeling opened up and she received a lot of work because of it. Claims that she will be underestimated in the Big Brother house because people don’t equate beauty queens with brains. We will see how she’s able to navigate through the house, it’s going to be interesting.

Ross Mathews, started his career on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno almost twenty years ago, interviewing celebrities, and now he’s a celebrity and a self-proclaimed “super fan” of Big Brother. Says, that he’s a “nudger” and he’s going to nudge his way to winning Big Brother.

Shannon Elizabeth, known for her role in American Pie and a long list of movies and tv credits. She claims she is a step above a “super fan” of Big Brother and because she was Pro Poker Player, for a period of time, she plans on using that to read all of her housemates to propel her to a victory for the first celebrity Big Brother.

Chuck “The Ice Man” Liddell, Former UFC light-heavy weight champ and hall of famer. Father of two girls and a wife, says the other contestant do NOT want to go up against him. Hopefully there will not be any blood shed. Only time will tell!

Keisha Knight-Pulliam, best known as Rudy Huxtable on the hit 80’s & 90’s show, The Cosby Show. Not only is she still acting, she is now an entrepreneur, with her own spice line called Keisha’s Kitchen. Her strategy going into the Big Brother house is making sure everyone is fed and happy, so she can swoop in with the element of surprise! Apparently, she’s planning to send them all into food comas to win. Most recently she appeared on, Celebrity Apprentice.

Marissa Jaret Winokur, best known for starring in Hairspray, which she won a Tony for playing Tracey Turnblatt. Marissa can now add director to her resume. She’s a wife and mother of a nine year old boy who is a tremendous fan of Big Brother. When she revealed she was going into the Big Brother house, he cried tears of joy! So cute. Marissa says, she will not be a threat to the girls, because she’s “cute chubby Marissa”, will not be a threat to the boys, “I’m cute chubby Marissa. Her strategy is playing a “social game”. Make nice and they will not see her coming.

James Maslow, started on the Nickelodeon show called, Big Time Rush and a boy-band of the same name. He is no stranger to reality competition shows. He competed on Dancing with the Stars and got fourth place on Season 18. His strategy….”to win Big Brother. Just do it, huh.” Then he winked at the camera and that’s when I knew he would NOT be winning Big Brother.

Omarosa Manigault, The surprise and last minute addition to the Big Brother house and as she puts it, “I am a reality TV legend. I am most famous for the first season of The Apprentice.” Omarosa claims she was the Queen of the boardroom, and now will be the Queen of Big Brother. The three-time Apprentice contestant and Trump campaigner departed the White House for the Big Brother house.

Now that you know a little bit about the celebrities, part of what I love is that no one knew who they would be sharing a house with, and let me just say the reactions by the other celebrities when Omarosa walked into the Big Brother house was priceless! Ross Mathews whole face fell off and then jumped back onto his head. Mark McGrath is crushing on Metta World Peace and Chuck Liddell, seeing those two was definitely his highlight. Unlikely celebrities have decided to share a room and it looks like the women are starting to form and all female alliance to take out the men, one by one. Yayyyy! Girl Power! Marissa at one point even said, “Times Up!” I’m here for ALL THAT!

Julie wasted no time in letting the celebs know that the first HOH(Head of Household) competition was going to start and they had to change into their costumes, which were tuxedos, in a Oscar-themed challenge. Everyone had to climb onto their Oscar, hold on for dear life as they were raised up off the ground and spinning at certain points of the game. With a surprising twist while suspended in air, clutching a statue, they were serenaded by none other than Paul, who was runner-up two separate Big Brother seasons prior. After several minutes passing and celebrities falling one by one onto the cushioned floor, two celebrities remained. Shannon Elizabeth and James Maslow.  James then tried to make a deal with Shannon and that was thwarted swiftly by Omarosa. Shannon ended up hanging on the longest and in the confessional said, “watch out men, we’re coming for you.”

Immediately following the HOH competition, Julie instructs everyone to go back inside and grab a gold celebrity gift bag and NOT to open it, Turns out this is the first game-changer and throws a big monkey wretch in Shannon’s game play as HOH already. Julie informs the celebs that some of the bags contain a NEW POWER. The power to “recast” the HOH and in doing so, whoever that person is will then become the NEW HOH. Shannon was devastated. She just received Head of Household and just like that it can be taken away, IF someone uses it. Of course in true Big Brother fashion, this twist is how they leave us on the first night of the THREE NIGHT PREMIERE.

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