The Mick (S02 E14) "The Church"

After a week break,Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) and the gang are back and they are taking us to church.In this episode,Alba(Carla Jimenez)decided it’s time to go to church to stop her substance abuse and the gang decided to tag along.

Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) and Alba(Carla Jimenez)had a bet that Alba(Carla Jimenez)won’t be able to buy a pack of cigarette at a store and be back in five minutes which Alba(Carla Jimenez)did but crashed a Maserati and their house in the process.
So,at the hospital where she was admitted,Alba(Carla Jimenez)admitted she was out of control and needs to go to rehab preferably “The Promises” in Malibu but Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) disagreed saying she doesn’t believe in rehab as it “sucks the zip out of you” but advised Alba(Carla Jimenez)to go to church and decided to tag along too with the others saying “Thier souls need a little oil change.”

As it turns out,Church wasn’t that bad.The priest,Father Zach a.k.a Father Z(Miles Fisher)was a young,cool priest and doesn’t mind if phones are been used in church as long as his pictures are posted on Instagram with good filters.

Alba(Carla Jimenez)decided to invite Father Z(Miles Fisher)over for dinner and then to watch a football game which Mickey(Kaitlin Olson)was not comfortable with.Alba(Carla Jimenez)caught Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) trying to drink beer secretly and told her if she wanted a beer she could just say so but Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) said she doesn’t feel comfortable drinking beer in the presence of Father Z saying “it’s like drinking in front of a cop”even though during the football game she saw Father Z(Miles Fisher)drink beer to which she decided to report him to the Head pastor Father McMormick(Frank Birney),90 something year old priest who also had whiskey in his office(So it turns out priests are allowed to drink)and whom she bribed with a Porsche Turbo 911 to transfer him to another Church.

During a break from the football game,Father Z(Miles Fisher)had a game of basketball with Chip(Thomas Barbusca),taking his shirt off and it turns out he has a tatooed body and can actually dunk which Chip(Thomas Barbusca)was impressed with and decided to accept Father Z offer to sub for his altar boy.

The Next Sunday,Father Z (Miles Fisher)gave an announcement to the church,it turns out that the Head Pastor had a car accident riding a Porsche car which he survived and Father Z(Miles Fisher)is the new Head Pastor.

After the church service,Ben(Jack Stanton)wanted to see God but Sabrina(Sofia Black-D’Elia)and Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)told him God was in a big lit candle on the altar which he blew off saying He doesn’t believe in God,Sabrina(Sofia Black-D’Elia)and Jimmy decided to make him believe in God.They woke him up early to show him the sunrise as a proof of God been real but Ben(Jack Stanton)countered saying his teacher told him Sunrise was created due to Smog which was bad.

So Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)decided to show him God exist by playing him a Red Rocks show in 96 which he claims was a spiritual experience for him which Ben couldn’t listen to.

The next Church service they attended,Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) disrupted it accusing Father Z (Miles Fisher)of taking her friend Alba(Carla Jimenez)from her and asking for a Proof of God who was helping her friend when she caught fire,a man with a white beard and in a white gown ran into the church and hit her with a rug till the fire died out and in a deep voice told Ben(Jack Stanton)to stay in school.

It turned out it was Jimmy(Scott MacArthur)who dressed up as God to show Ben(Jack Stanton)God exists.In the hospital room where Mickey(Kaitlin Olson) was admitted after the accident,they all decided they have had enough with church.

I thought it was a very funny episode.
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