Britannia (S01E02)

The action moves further as we get political and also magical. Antonius’s severed head carrying the papyrus parchment reaches Veran and he inturn decides to send his own message to Aulus, since he certainly didn’t follow Veran’s warnings to leave their land. But Aulus hasn’t been given the responsibility to conquer Britannia on behalf of King Claudius, just because of his rugged face, he knows that to capture Britannia he has to understand their laws and rules and so dutifully he does go to meet Veran himself after having had an hallucination of Antonius while bathing in a stream. This hallucination certainly indicates that everything related to nature in this land, is magical and somehow seems to be warning Aulus again and again.

Speaking of land, Keera is quickly becoming a very interesting character due to her bloodline. She has Roman blood in her, thanks to her great grandfather. Although this does add a layer of complication, but the fact that King Pellenor had his young wife, Keera’s mother, flayed because she had Roman blood in her, on just the commands of the druids adds more layers of atrocity to it. It also makes it pretty clear that the king is foolish and a blind believer in the predictions of the druids. But it would be speaking of the king a bit highly, if it was said that he was foolish, he is more of a childish madman steeped in the rituals and traditions of the past as he declines to even have a word with the Roman parlays and instead spits on them, just to purposefully start a war like his father did, which; it should be said, could have been entirely avoided, thus saving the lives of innocent people in his kingdom.

The show does draw parallels between King pellenor and Keera, as she decides to sneak out into the Roman camp to prevent the executions of her people, (proving that she has better judgement to be a ruler); which was purposefully done by Aulus with this exact aim- to lure out the royals of the kingdom. Suffice to say, he succeeds.

But, Romans aren’t the only people Keera has to worry about as she finds herself being ambushed by Regnae soldiers, who she fends off with Lindon’s help. Later on, in a conversation between the Roman camp and the Regane camp, it was stated that the reason why there is such an discord between King Pellenor and Queen Antilia, is due a failed marriage between her son and King pellenor’s daughter Keera. Here, by failed, it means that she chopped of his penis on their marriage bed. So as the proverb goes: an enemy of my enemy is my friend and thus, with Pellenor raging war against the Romans, Queen Antedia does seem to ally with the Romans, eventhough she at first dominates them with the knowledge that her army and resources are much greater than her rivals.

While the chesspieces are being moved across the board, two other characters come at a crossroads in their journey: the outcast and Cait. While the outcast did say that he would just escort Cait till the riverbank, many viewers did believe that he would accompany her till safety. But that didn’t happen at all and instead, he deliberately misleads her onto the path of wolves where calamity and a broken leg befalls her. While these two don’t seem to be amiable partners till now, they definitely will have a hand to play in each other’s journey.

While there has been many comparisons between Britannia and Game of Thrones, I must say, it’s not a question of whether this series lives upto the hype of Thrones, because this is a different rugged and rustic beast altogether.