Blindspot (S03E12): "Two Legendary Chums"


This episode was a good showcase of Blindspot’s quality before it goes on hiatus for the Winter Olympics (I think so at least). The unanswered questions should tide viewers over until then. A bit of the fun of Blindspot is the mysteries. This episode had so many mysteries as it separated the puzzle pieces and examined what makes them tick! This review should be fun!

The power of manipulation that Roman holds over our heroes can only get him so far with a man like Crawford, and I was on the edge of my seat to see how he was going to get out of Crawford’s bodyguard finding out about Roman lying about who he really is. His name bounced between Roman and his alias Thomas Jakeman I sometimes had difficulty keeping track. Though Roman got out of the situation alive, the cliffhanger has Crawford ordering him to kill our heroes.

The episode also shined a surprising spotlight on Weller when he has to get involved with someone from his past. Kurt feels like he’s isolated from Jane due to him lying. Jane is trying to connect with the daughter she never knew about, so it’s understandable that she’s preoccupied. I know Kurt lying was wrong but he’s punishing himself more than Jane could. Based on Kurt feeling genuine guilt about his lies, I am expecting a big sacrifice from him once Roman and Crawford start their attack on everyone when Blindspot returns. The relationship Kurt has with Jane (and with the entire team) is what grounds him and he’ll protect that when Crawford and Roman strike. Their hearts are all exposed for Roman’s knife.

The enemy might already be inside the gates as Avery is still resentful towards her mother for  abandoning her and screwing up her plot against Crawford which Roman is assisting with. Sleep with the enemy is the name of Avery’s game considering that she trusts Roman more than Jane, despite him torturing her for months, because she is using him to kill Crawford for killing her father. It’s difficult to side with either Jane or Avery because while Jane was an absentee mother, Roman played a huge role in keeping them separate and is likely to betray Avery to kill Crawford.

The team seems screwed but could Crawford’s newfound interest in them (thanks to Roman’s manipulation) actually be an advantage, getting their enemy close enough to put them down permanently? The sides have been established between Jane’s team and Crawford clearly in the first half of the season, with Avery hanging in the balance, but Roman is a wild cars and his allegiance is still a mystery. Think for yourself, Avery! I’m already fearing which team member will suffer the most if Avery becomes a double agent for Roman. Roman is already being ordered to kill Jane, Avery is worsening things. Is there any way that Roman is actually helping the team? Will a convergence between them lead to disaster? And yet I have hope because I believe his relationship with Crawford’s daughter Blake will lead Roman on a path to at least redemption for his sins. The game, as they say, is most definitely afoot.

What control do these characters really have when playing this game though, and cam they break free from the flaws that shackle them to the endless cycle that brought them into this game in the first place before someone pays the price? The tragedies that happen on Blindspot are connected to these characters’ flaws and their lack of communication. Let’s see if they can fix their blindspots before it’s too late!

NBC will air the next episode of Blindspot, “Warning Shot” at 8/7c on March 2nd, I’ll see you there