Legends of Tomorrow (S03E10) "Daddy Darhkest"

This episode is literally titled as one of my favorite episodes now and for everyone wondering I will have to say it’s very likely that we will see John Constantine (Matt Ryan) again after all the producers have promised us a three episode arc dealing with Constantine the first part of the arc would be the exorcism which we saw in this episode. Now if the producers are correct that means there are two more episodes that Constantine will be riding among the time traveling heroes; but who knows when that will be.

So for all of you Hellblazers out there, I’m sure you all were very, very excited for this episode. Given that I’m one of those fans of Constantine, I too was very excited for this episode. I especially loved all of the things that The CW has taken from the Constantine live action series that was canceled on NBC back then. I mean hell all of us are really pissed about that still! But I truly loved every moment of this episode. Given that this episode did open some old wounds of Constantine that makes us still feel so bad and emotional for the character.

So with this episode, we see that Constantine is still trying his best to redeem himself over the loss of Astra way back then. Constantine feels emotionally attached to this case especially since its another little girl, only that its Nora Darhk’s younger self (Madeleine Arthur). But because Constantine failed Astra all those years ago, he feels this is his chance to redeem himself over everything that happened. Once again Constantine is at his old tricks to exorcise a demon from Nora. But when Mallus (John Noble) possessing Nora tells Constantine that he knows about Sara (Caity Lotz) Constantine makes haste to get to Sara before this demon does.

Now seeing so many things adopted from the Constantine series including the demon trapping sigil that Constantine used in the first episode of the series. Don’t remember that part of the episode well you can go watch that first episode on the CW Seed app right now! But we have to wonder though, when will Constantine be back and what will he bring back with him when he does return? After all like I said the producers promised us a total of three episodes with Constantine in it.

But now, that we see Mallus taking a huge interest in Sara and Sara taking a bit of the darkness from Mallus’s world into her soul what will Mallus’s end game be? Will Sara be Constantine’s next failure? So many questions and not enough answers, this is why we need Constantine for the rest of the episodes of this season. I know you all will agree with me. It makes you wonder though, now that Constantine knows what Nora was talking about when Mallus was referencing “The 6” as being the elemental totems, what is the sixth totem? We only know of five thanks to the Vixen animated series also on The CW Seed app. But there was never a reference to a sixth totem, so if the producers were right, perhaps Constantine brings the wearer of the sixth totem where we will all be incredibly shocked by what it is. My theory is the sixth totem has something to do with the balance of light and darkness (yin & yang) kind of thing. But I guess we will see eventually.

Now we know that Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) will take the place of Lenard Snart/Citizen Cold (Wentworth Miller) on the Waverider, but wouldn’t that leave one more seat available to be filled? After all we lost both Jax and Stein in the series that means they have to fill two spots in the seats of the Waverider. So the fans of Constantine all want that final spot to be filled by Constantine himself. Why not just do it producers and creators of the show. You know you really want to! After all Constantine’s magic could be used in many episodes! Guess we will have to wait and see what they all choose!

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow(S03E11): “Here I Go Again” airs Monday February 19, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW!