Star Trek Discovery (S01E15) "Will You Take My Hand?"

So this was the season finale of Star Trek Discovery.

We start off with ‘captain’ Philipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) bossing around the crew and generally acting unlike the Starfleet officer she is supposed to be portraying. The crew makes a successful jump into the cave network of the planet Qo’Nos. Philipa and Michael (Sonequa Martin) go and try to get information about the Klingon home world from the Klingon prisoner, L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) who is predictably not saying anything, even after getting beaten up by Philipa. Michael eventually stops her before she could do any permanent damage, and tells her that there is another way.

Enter Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif).

They converse with him in his quarters, with Philipa initially referring to him as an ‘it’. Michael does come to his defense to her credit. Using Ash’s access to his memories of Voq, Philipa, Michael, Ash, and Tilly (Mary Wiseman) transport to a village (in reality a slum), posing as traders to try and find a shrine to give them access to the volcanoes underneath the surface to activate the drone.

After some initial trading, they end up in a building aptly named the ‘circus’. There the party separates, with Ash and Micheal trying to find information via playing a Klingon war game, and Tilly and Philippa watching some dancing slaves. Philipa decides to take some of the slaves for some private time, and Tilly wanders around and finds a gentleman offering some smoke. After initially refusing, Tilly takes a hit and passes out.

Meanwhile, Michael had retreated after seeing the game that Ash was playing to try and garner information. It had upset her greatly and she later reveals to Ash the full story of how her parents had died, and the origins of her hatred of the Klingons.
Tilly awakes to the old man trying to steal from her. After finding out that the origins of the smoke she inhaled was from live volcanoes and not dormant ones as they had expected, Tilly checks her drone and discovers it’s a hydro-bomb, which has the power to cause a catastrophic explosion planet-wide. She tries to warn Micheal, but is stopped by Philipa.

After confronting Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook) about the bomb, Michael is able to get the admiral to see reason to not destroy the planet and effectively commit genocide. Michael finds Philipa in the shrine and is able to talk her into giving up the detonator to L’Rell. L’Rell in turn uses this detonator as a tool to help ally the Klingon houses into what is now the Klingon Empire.

With the threat of war extinguished, Micheal decides to return to earth, but not before a bittersweet farewell to Ash, who has opted to go with L’Rell. On earth, she is summoned to Starfleet Headquarters, where she gives an impassioned speech about Starfleet and it’s ideals. Micheal is re-instated as a commander and goes back on the Discovery as a science specialist. The ship is headed to Vulcan to pick up their new captain, and on the way they are hailed by none other than the USS Enterprise, and thus ends the episode and the season.

Thoughts on this episode:
Honestly I found the whole thing to be very anti-climatic. I mean, here we are on the brink of war and it only takes a few minutes of Michael talking to Philipa to make her see reason? Please. The goodbye between Ash and Michael felt very forced, and I’m reasonably certain that we will see Ash again. I felt like everything wrapped up way too neatly. It was pretty cool that the last shot of the episode was of the Enterprise though.
In summary, I thought that the season as a whole was great, but the ending was very lackluster. I am looking forward to Season 2.

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