Britannia (S01E03)

We pick up from where we left off and the episode begins with Aulus waking up on a riverbank while being watched by two druids. They say that he is a like, ‘a newborn baby, their baby’; and the prospect of them manipulating Aulus seems very tantalizing.

While on the topic of manipulation, Aulus’s two guards get possessed by the consciousness of the Outcast and it really does seem like he has magical powers. He decides to wring the situation to its full potential and ultimately uses them to get into the enemy camps.

If it would be that easy, then there wouldn’t be much conflict and so Cait, who was lost and hurt trying to figure out a way out of the woods, coincidentally meets up with the Outcast while he is in the process of hypnotizing the guards. Ultimately he does agree to escort her into the enemy camps where her father has been captured and his eyes burned off, as he used force against one of the Roman guards. This series is certainly not shy of its gore and sex scenes as later on, a another similar scene of torture prevails but in the Canti kingdom where King Pellenor questions a captured Roman guard about their agenda and intentions since the King has declared war on Romans either way.  The only person defiantly opposed to this war is his daughter Keera (who is becoming a favourite of mine), and even she gets thrown in prison as her father finds out from the Roman he captured, that she went into the enemy camp to stay the executions of her people. Eventhough it seems like there are only personal conflicts in the Canti Kingdom, but rebellion is rising in the Roman Camps as well since their soldiers are afraid of the magic and of what they donot understand, so they decide to abandon their purpose. But Aulus is nothing if not a great general and his address to his soldiers does seem to quell mutiny, for a while.

Tensions are rising and the setup is slowly being done for the conflict.

As a ending note, the relationship between Cait and the Outcast while seemingly funny but has a malicious tint to it as well, here’s hoping they can truly go on to be allies.