Great News Season 2

After a really good and impressive first season, the second season Great News clobbered and made it one of the best new series on network television.

Considered that this is the second season of the series, it’s still fresh off from it’s first season with great storylines for the characters to really expand. From Diana St. Tropez taking over the news company and trying to make the news station move to the 21st century instead of just doing the news. Katie tries and gets advice from Diana and for one day takes over The Breakdown with success but realizes that she would rather do what she wants cover a news story and not take Greg’s job. Diana insults Portia and the two goes into a “Squad Feud” that comes with a very Taylor Swift like music video to win over Diana until she takes Portia’s social media followers.

Carol, who’s still an intern, tries her best to step up and get a promotion but realizes that Greg won’t give her one, she quits and heads up to “My Morning Wine Up.” But Katie realizes that her mother is only there because she’s easy to make fun of on television and soon Carol quits that job and leaves completely.

Katie and Greg’s relationship grows into what we all hoped was to be a couple. Briga Heelan gives her best performances on the show in the episode “Catfight” when Katie tries to prove that her and Greg are right for each other over him and his girlfriend, Cat. Greg finally makes his decision on their relationship at the end of the season, they are a couple.

And let’s not mention John Michael Higgin, who plays News anchor, Chuck Pierce, given such a great supporting role this season and really steals the show. In this season, Chuck gets fried from a news story sparks a business executive and tries to fix it. Katie and Chuck go their way as journalist to uncover why this person hates Chuck and tries to hide his life secret.

Season 2 of Great News was a strong season full of strong writing, outstanding performances from this ensemble cast and strong character development. I would agree with other critics that this show is the closest thing to 30 Rock with all the vibes and jokes. The show should come back for a third season, you don’t see a lot of shows making fun of the news business these days and this one really hits the nail on the head. What can I say, Great News makes my Thursday nights a whole lot better along with the other comedies.