Alterna Comics: Sonitus (Issue 01:Floor One of Three)

Alright this is another fantastic but creepy comic created in the worlds of Alterna Comics. And when I say creepy, I mean creepy! But I will get to that in a little bit for this review, all what I’m gonna say is this one is definitely worth reading! But lets get to this review!

So the comic is called Sonitus, it follows the story of what I got the impression of was a loner who goes by the name of Ben. And I gotta say with this first issue which had me interested just by the title of the comic really had my interest and attention from beginning to end. Ben seems like the kind of guy who has a lot of dark secrets that no one knows about and I would like to see some of those dark secrets come back to haunt him with some of these creatures that he sees in this issue but in future issues. But with a title of the story being floor one of three, makes you wonder what is going to be on those other two floors? Guess we will have to wait and find out sooner or later.

So with this story the only thing I could think of is John Constantine meets Silent Hill, like just the whole thing makes you think Silent Hill with that creature that they showed surface. If we get more creatures like that it will definitely get me freaked out but in a good way. I really like horror/thriller/mystery kind of stories that are like this, because it keeps you wondering with every issue you read, it makes you wonder what is going to happen next? But thats the glory of returning to read more and more of the stories you get to find out what happens next within those issues, most of the times.

Now lets get to the creators of the comic, most times when you have two creators it’s a double idea that two people had and chose to collaborate with each other to create an amazing story. Now I can’t say that is what happened here, but it is nice to have two creators because then you can give credit to both people and not just the one. Cody Sousa and Dan Sheppard did a great job though creating such a messed up and creepy world that they brought to our comic pages. But they did a great job and I can’t wait to read more!

Lets get to the artist, Cecilia Lo Valvo, did an amazing job with drawing up the world and the character of this series. The way how Cecilia drew Ben though it reminds me a little bit of the character design of John Constantine from the old Hellblazer comics which is a huge compliment that I can give. Because seeing this kind of art style being done for comics is literally awesome, everyone thinks this style is a dead style but its not true. This style now lives in the hands of Cecilia Lo Valvo and I can’t wait to see more of her art work. It’s because of the story and the art work that always reel me in. And Cecilia did a phenomenal job with the art and I hope she keeps that art style too because its a fantastic one!

Coloring artist, Dee Cunniffe, now the next hard part for any comic artist is choosing a color scheme for the piece. Because we all know how hard it can be to get any piece colored especially when your doing it digitally. Not everyone can color their art work digitally some people like doing things the old ways with paints, drawing on actual paper and keeping the old ways alive. But Cunniffe did a great job with coloring the piece and giving us those creepy colors.

Another hard job sometimes in the comic book field is the editing, which brings me to the final art member Nicole Airey who does the editing for this issue. When there is an editor for comics for those that don’t understand why there are editors, its to help the readers not get a story that is all over the place and gives us a story that is fully making sense. They also edit out or in some things that would help the story. For instance if this issue had no dialogue and we had to provide it with us just looking at each page and just wondering what Ben was thinking or even saying then that would be boring. This way the editor can help suggest things to help make the comic make sense to the readers which is nice sometimes.

You all should definitely check out this comic series, it’s horrifyingly amazing!

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