Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 01)

Alright, here we are with more awesome comics from Alterna comics and this new story truly has the makings of becoming an on going series for possibly around 150 issues. I am absolutely in love with this first issue and when I get in love with an issue for the first story thats when you know I will be in my comic book stores every single day awaiting for the next issue. Lets get to the review!

So this comic The XII (“XII” roman numeral for 12) is a post-apocalyptic and western style story. Which are the best kind of stories, not only do you have western style living and mannerism in the story but you also have a world that has gone through an apocalypse that just makes for awesome story telling right here. Now the story follows  a man that goes by the name of Caleb, with him is his wife Annabelle, daughter Marie, first son whose name is unknown at the moment, two other sons, a baby, brother Alvin and best friend Hank. With a big family they live within a electric fence in a cabin big enough for the family and to raise animals and ration foods. However with a big winter coming it could be the end of some of their lives.

When the family comes under attack by villainous cowboys who just like everybody else in this world is trying to survive. The family is forced to leave their secured home to retreat to the caves or what is actually a subway station with a secured doorway. The family in order to survive winter now has to go back to the cities after swearing they never would because of the apocalypse turning every city goer into either a slave or a murderer. With the family having to retreat back to that first location they would’ve went to in the first place, it makes you wonder, how bad are the cities really compared to having to move from one place to another for years.

Now I’m pretty sure we have already met “The 12” that are referenced in the first issue only by name, but I would love in future issues to see more of the 12. I would also love to see a flash back or two in some other issues to see how the world got into this whole western apocalypse. It seems like it would have an interesting back story to it if you ask me. Just reading this first issue and having it at the edge of my seat I’m already hooked so much. Now of course this story would’ve not been possible if it wasn’t for the creator and writer of the story; Patrick Trahey created an interesting story that like how I said before I see making at least 150 issues. I know that sounds like a lot and yeah it is but this story has huge potential that I see just within the first issue. If Patrick Trahey can continue with strong story telling like how he did with this issue then he will create a strong fan base around his comics.

I especially love the art and coloring artist; Luis Suarez, he did a good job with the art and bringing a creative art form in this first issue. I would love to see more of his work especially with more issues on this series! Suarez has huge potential as an awesome artist, his art style reminds me of an issue of Ghost Rider that I picked up a long time ago that had similarities but it was a style that even myself was trying to master but never got the chance too. I admire Luis, looking like a master in that style it gives me a whole lot of inspiration to do more art.

Now the artist for lettering Magnus, that is a very important job especially if the creator and artist can’t agree on a lettering style to go for the title page and for the comic book itself. The companies normally bring in someone to do the lettering, and then other times it ends up being a friend who can do some awesome lettering that doesn’t want to be named by their actual name. For instance with Magnus, I highly doubt thats his actual name but it does make for an awesome cover name though. And the lettering really makes it for a good read too!

If anyone loves post-apocalyptic stories you will love this story and I guarantee that, this story is truly amazing and if you want more stories like this then you have to contribute and buy the comic at your local comic book store!

Next Issue: Alterna Comics: The XII (Issue 02: Innocence Lost)