The Walking Dead (S08E09) Honor

This is more of an opinion of last night’s episode than a recap.  I’ve been watching The Walking Dead since the beginning, and last night was one of the toughest episodes to watch since the season 7 premier of TWD when we lost Glenn and Abraham, two of our most beloved characters on the show.  With Chandler Riggs officially announcing this as his last episode, fans had mixed but mostly negative reactions to the death of Carl Grimes, one of the cornerstone characters of the show and ending what was one of the most anticipated possible arcs of the show.  Many fans believe Scott Gimple has ruined the show by deviating so far from the comics, that there’s no coming back from this.  I tend to be one of those people, but I’m an optimist, so I’ll stick around to the end of the season before I make my final decision as to whether I keep watching or not.

We all knew this episode was coming, but knowing that and watching it didn’t make that any easier.  There was a lot of drama on Twitter and Facebook because Chandler’s father posted that instead of wanting to pay Chandler more as he became an adult, Scott Gimple decided to fire him.  While that post was later taken down, the damage was done and TWD fans have been on edge ever since.  Watching Chandler Riggs on Talking Dead last night, it was clear he had no say in the decision and if given the choice would’ve stayed on, but I guess that would’ve been fair to say of all the other actors that have been killed off as well.
With Chandler’s departure, fans are left to wonder what’s left for the show.  It’s so far gone from the comics its not even applicable to try to compare anymore, which as a stand a lone show, I understand, but if you wanted to separate yourself so completely from the comics why have the comic book creator as an executive producer on the show and why try to stay faithful to the comics at all?

If you take away all that, this was one of the better episodes we’ve seen in a long time.  That gives me a small hope that by going off of the comics, and creating something completely new, the show might have a chance at retaining some fans and creating new ones that haven’t seen the comics.  AMC announced that there’s going to be a new showrunner next season, Angela Kang, who has been with the show since 2011 as a writer and executive producer.  Fans showed signs of hope for the series when they heard Gimple was leaving, but most wondered if it was too little too late to breathe life back into it.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

So how are all of you feeling after last night’s episode?  Did you watch?  Are you going to keep watching?  If not, what would the show have to do to keep you as fans?  Let me know in the comments section and let’s discuss.