Chicago Med (S03E09) "On Shaky Ground"

Another week, another powerful episode of Chicago Med.

The title for this episode “on shaky ground” is probably the best way to describe the episode with it’s well developed storylines and conflicts between the characters. From Natalie help deliver a 26 week baby that was still in it’s amniotic sack is still alive and tries to do everything to keep him alive. While Bekker performs open heart surgery on her mentor that request that he be awake for it, but Rhodes has her back and helps her get through it. Reese overcomes her fears when going with Dr. Charles when visiting the Cook Country prison.

And not to mention April and Ethan having difference of opinion about a patient and the DCFS. The patient, who’s a runaway from home due to the fact that her father beats her, comes in with unknown symptoms until they find that a cockroach had crawled through her nose and in her head drawn to spinal fluid. The reason she’s been leaking spinal fluid was from the blows to the head from her father. April gets to Ethan about to reconsider after seeing that the DCFS system isn’t the best thing. And April lets her leave to where she’s been staying.

“On Shaky Ground” might be one of my favorite episodes so far this episode with some of the medical storylines that were so fascinating. Both the writing and the character growth was strong and not to mention that DeVitto, DaCosta, Tee and Donnell and Kuhling gave good performances. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

You can catch Chicago Med Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Tonight’s episode will be one to remember. Here’s a promo: