Kevin ‘Probably’ Saves The World (S01E14) “Old Friends”

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Somewhat surprisingly, this episode, directed by Michael Patrick Jann, kicks off with Kevin acting as though he can do wrong. This threw me a bit as he has just been royally told off by best friend Tyler, played by Dustin Ybarra. Perhaps that is a testament to Kevin’s determination. He knows Tyler is mad at him, but he remains fully confident that he can find a way to turn things around. I get the feeling Kevin needs to take a step back and continue working on building his spiritual power before he gets another vision. At the very least, he clearly had to be taken down a peg this episode. He was just trying to do the right thing, but we all know that isn’t always enough.  Despite massive failures, Kevin does indeed keep trying.

Seriously folks, we could all take a page out of that book. If at first you don’t succeed…
In short order the universe starts throwing signs at Kevin, and in true Kevin form, he has a bit of trouble figuring out what they mean. Unsurprisingly, I’m reminded of just how relatable our main character really is. I’m always just as confused at the signs as he is, then pleasantly surprised when we get around to the meaning behind them.
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Probably on Angels

Dave is sick.

Whaaaaaat?! I don’t know if Dave and Yvette are becoming more human, or if the universe is showing us some other sign we have yet to decipher. Either way, their mysterious selves have me intrigued.
My theory, or beginnings thereof: The angels chose to come down to earth, never to return from whence they came. That means they are either stuck here forever as heavenly undying creatures, or, they need to become more human and start to blend in for real. Perhaps they even need to be more human in order to help Kevin more fully? We may need to wait for the universe to send a few more signs! In the end though, once all 36 souls have been found, the angel’s jobs will be done. Will the angels become human then? I don’t think we will find out any time soon.

Probably on Love

FINALLY we get to see Kevin and Kristen get back to re-building their relationship. She could hardly be more sweet or perfect for Kevin, and I am over the moon with excitement regarding where the writers will take us. The two of them on their ‘Tenderoni’ adventure made my heart a flutter, like all the butterfly’s we didn’t see this episode.
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Speaking of love – we get no Nate/Amy combo this episode, but we do get to see the big sister/Mom in Amy come out in hilarious fashion. I just love Amy’s character development thus far. Her and Reese volley off each other while giving a bit of life advice to their house guest, so it shows us that Kevin isn’t the only one doling out kindness around here. Though she may not get much recognition for it, Amy is pretty awesome in her own right.
To sum it all up:

I continue to be blown away by the casting in this show (thank you Jeffrey Drew and Patrick Rush) as we get Rhenzy Feliz  from Marvels Runaways, AND the adorable slackers from cult-classic, Reaper, Tyler Labine and Brett Harrison.

Winning. A lot of winning here.

This episode surprised me in a lot of ways and was a TON of fun, ball pit included. Despite the lower viewer ratings on this episode, I thank the 2018 Olympics for that, this show is growing and evolving at a beautiful pace. I’m left wanting more, feeling a bit less cynical about failure, and having a bit more faith in humanity.
Does anyone else ship Nate/Amy? Kevin/Kristen? Do you have a different theory on the angels? Let me know what you thought of this episode!

Rating: 8/10 Blue Butterflies

Quote of the episode:

“It reminds me of Heaven!” (Dave, just before devouring the pizza Kevin made for Tyler)

** Blue Butterfly Sightings: ZERO **