This Is Us (S02E15) "The Car"

With the Super Bowl episode being such a tragic event, the episode is a remembrance of the man from the view from the family car.

“The Car” was a powerful eulogy of who Jack Pearson was as a father and a husband. It just had enough balance of emotion, inspiration and humor to the episode over the previous episode. You see Rebecca and the kids still dealing with the lost but also remembering their father in bits of pieces in time that starts with buying the car and it leads to that final weekend. With a little help from Dr. K, doing his wise man thing, reminding Rebecca that she’s just as strong as Jack and let her know how much he was scared too.

After her talk with Dr. K, she takes the kids and Jack’s ashes to Jack’s favorite tree, which also holds a deep place for Rebecca. She tells Kevin , Kate and Randall that they should live and not have to worry about who’s the man or who’s fault it is that lead Jack back into the fire. But the one thing that leaves with a powerful meaning is that Jack was a man that could see into the future, for which Rebecca talks about before pouring some of his ashes by the tree.

The last scene Jack tells the car dealer that he doesn’t want to buy a used car but the station wagon and goes on by telling him that he doesn’t have a lot of money to pay for it, but all he wants is for his family to be okay and it ends with Rebecca driving the kids to a Bruce Springsteen concert that Jack bought a couple weeks ago for them to go and also help her with her fear of driving through the bridge that we see at the beginning she fears.

The writing and the performance of this episode could not be any better. There was depth and there was so well developed characters, mainly Rebecca, who we see grow a lot. Mandy Moore should be considered for an Emmy role not to mention Milo Ventimiglia as well. The one scene that really stood out was when Dr. K visited and talked with Rebecca, followed by the scene where she and the kids talk about Jack at his favorite tree spot. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of the episode?

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