Bull (S02E15) "Witness for the Prosecution"

Hazel Diaz  (Roma Maffia) is walking, talking and waiting for a train. Then walking, talking to invisible friends and demanding the fellow travelers in the streets, “stop touching me!”

She approaches an Officer Sampson, (Patrick Noonan) sitting in his car. They have private time, because he’s sent his partner,  Chambers, (Wesley T. Jones) for coffee.

Sampson  wants to quit, “working for her” and refuses to continue supporting her bizness. She shoots him point blank, in the face. He’s dead.

ADA Gabrielle Ramsden (Afton Williamson) gets Bull out of bed, in the middle of the night. Hazel Diaz is a Brooklyn Crime Boss that needs to be questioned, before her lawyer gets her out. She’s outwitted the system many times, with her claim to mental illness. Gabby wants her this time.  Bull says,  “Yes” And is he flirting with Gabby? He wants breakfast! 

Helen sings🎤 3 Blind Mice. She rambles as she talks with Bull; backed up by her iinvisible friends. She’s hard to crack & he doesn’t.  She stops talking when her attorney enters the room; first clue. She’s convincing, but Bull knows she’s faking.

Bull testifies to her competency. She shows signs of malingering. She’s the Queen of it, but she’ s capable of standing trial in his professional opinion. It looks like Bull woke up the Judge 💤  she& agrees & Hazel rolls her eyes at Bull as she’s escorted away. 
Back at TAC It’s time to interview for Cable’s job. Dani in particular isn’t happy and wants Cable back. Bull encourages them to talk about it on their own time or while they’re looking for other jobs! #bam Talk to the hand! ✋ #snap

Gabby buys Bull breakfast. And yes, he’s flirting. She wants him to be her guy for the prosecution, proving Hazel is  “Guilty of Cold Bloodied Murder”  Agreed.

But Bull needs to know the reason for the execution. Why did she kill Sampson? #motive other than, mental He begins his search 
And we find, Hazel has the advantage. Her mom was schizophrenic, making her 13 times more likely to have it. Bull doesn’t care. He wants to play.

He sits with Hazel, analyzing. But it is an interogation. 8 hours & 12 minutes, he drilled. He was ruthless & pressed.  She didn’t break & he’ s even more convinced  #fake 

Meanwhile, Cable is job hunting. TAC isn’t responding for references Rut Roh And she will need security clearances. #DOJ #FBI  She looked concerned re tge latter. But Bull cleared that as part of a deal he brokered with The FBI, tight?  I don’t fully recall. 🤔 But stay tuned; that’s another story. 😏

Back at TAC, Dani found for the past 10 years, Sampson deposited $5k per month. Now he has $600k in the bank. Bull has found reason/motive  for the killing vs. “By reason of Insanity” Sampson was on the take.  The partner, Officer Chambers knows & is the key.  He is, “The Witness for the Prosecution

Officer Chambers is on & his consciousness wins. He confirms the $5k per month, working for Hazel & that Sampson wanted to quit.
Now Hazel wants a deal, after a failed Psychotic Break performance. 👌 #stellar

But, No Deal. She’s Guilty in the First Degree. She killed a cop & will be gone for a long time.

Bull is flirting and wants to celebrate, the victory. Gabby agrees to dinner.  😊

It was a good one. Bull actually worked as a doctor and he worked hard! Roma as Hazel, was sly, slick and brilliantly wicked as she pulled out all the stops to meet the challenge. She almost had ’em & then she didn’t.  And Bull gets the girl in the end…sorta’  

Gabby will definitely due as a distraction, until JP Nunnelly returns. 😉  

Bull airs, Tuesday’s; 9 p.m. Pacific Time