Chicago Med (S03E10) "Down By Law"

Talking about a roller-coaster ride of an episode!

Face it folks, women are much stronger than what they get credit for as Natalie tells Will that at the end of the episode. And she doesn’t have to tell me twice about that at all.

“Down By Law” is one of the best Natalie episodes of the season so far as she no only dodges bullets from a drive by shooting after a transfer run, but tries her very best to give her 14 year old patient a chance to make her own decision over her husband, who happens to be the reverend. After diagnosing the girl with a tumor in her uterus, Natalie tells them at they’re best option was to take Chemotherapy or the last measure would be a hysterectomy.

With the Reverend not liking any options, he tells Natalie that she won’t have any of it as they are trying to have children (EW! right?). Natalie pushes to the limit to get that girl to speak for herself, but soon gets taken off the case and Will takes over. But soon Natalie suffers from a concussion from the shooting when Barry was protecting her.

Will follows on what Natalie was trying to do and gets the reverend to fill out paper work while he tells the patient that the chemo would work. But she tells him about her family history that her mother and grandmother died of what she has and decides to go for the hysterectomy instead of chemo.

Meanwhile, after a night out, Rhodes brings his date to Med for what she thinks is nothing but digesting issues. But it turns out that she had a small heart attack and tries to get her to stay and have a  surgery. But what he didn’t know was that she tested positive for cocaine and also she was married.  So Rhodes is playing the Doug Ross card, sweet!

April and Ethan deal with Barry and the shooting that had happen. But the gun that Barry carried was illegal due to the fact that he isn’t who we all thought he was and that was more devastating for Maggie, who finally opened up to him.

And with Reese enjoying treating the inmates at Cook County Prison, a patient comes in with thoughts of killing his pregnant wife. Dr. Charles takes his word seriously even if the wife don’t think he would do it. After admitting him, Reese pulls off the most dangerous thing she’s done: being in the room with the patient and given him a knife to see if he would kill. But he didn’t and it didn’t sit well with Dr. Charles at all, but it seems that he won’t suspended her.

As I said before, this was one of the best Natalie episodes this season. She goes beyond to try to get her patient to speak up for her health decision making rights. Torrey DeVitto gives her best performance this season. Also not to mention Rachel DiPillo and Marlyne Barrett as well as her character Maggie was about to accept Barry into her life but learns that Barry isn’t who she thought he was and is taken away by the CPD. Reese going against Dr. Charles and proving the patient isn’t a harm to anyone was such a bold and fearful move. The writing was solid in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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