Lucifer (S03E13) "Til Death Do Us Part"

Written by Mike Costa and directed by Sherwin Shilati, “Til Death Do Us Part” is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Lucifer, and I give it a B.

The episode picks off just where “All About Her” ends, with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Cain (Tom Welling) trying to find a way to kill the latter, going through a list of ideas about how to kill him, using even, unsuccessfully, Maze’s (Lesley-Ann Brandt) blade forged in Hell, which can kill even Celestial beings. I’m no expert in curses, but I think it’ll take something really special to kill Cain/ Pierce, and who knows, maybe they even need to use whatever Cain used to kill Abel. I can see this issue keep bothering both Lucifer and Cain for some more episodes to come, and considering the number of things Pierce already tried to do in order to die and that even Celestial weapons don’t work, or even Chloe (Lauren German) can’t help him die, the eventual solving of this puzzle is going to be surprising.

Considering Linda helps Lucifer figure out things about himself and solve his problems in therapy, our devil has the idea of trying to be Cain’s “therapist”, and by doing that reveal what makes him vulnerable, and rearranges Pierce’s office furniture to have a session with Pierce, but that doesn’t happen because of Pierce’s unwillingness. Pierce has been willing to share recently, but not this time. Also, we still don’t know much about how Pierce spent his time so far on Earth, and I think it’d be interesting to know. Also, Chloe seems surprised to see that Pierce is still in LA.

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This is where the episode gets really interesting. In order to help solve June Lee’s (whose real name is Sandra Chang), a chemistry teacher who acted as a chemist for a gang named “Korean Power” three years before dying and reappearing as a teacher (hence why the change of name), Lucifer alone takes on the whole “Korean Power” gang to the sound of “Lucifer”, by SHINee. Taking down a Korean gang to the sound of K-Pop, that’s what I call fun! After a weird interrogation of the gang’s boss due to an unusual offer to him by Lucifer, Pierce and Lucifer go undercover as a… couple, yes, a couple to the suburbs June lived in. Anyway, Lucifer is much more excited about having some more time alone with Pierce than Pierce with Lucifer. Of course, this gives Lucifer a chance to know more about Pierce, but the Lieutenant wants to concentrate on the case.

Meanwhile, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and Daniel (Kevin Alejandro) are rightly and deservedly on a date, when Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) spoils it by showing up after Charlotte. I seriously think Charlotte and Daniel would make a great couple and it would be good for the show. As Charlotte said, Daniel is just the normal she needs in her life, and also Charlotte is the bit of excitement and something different Daniel needs. Both would benefit from that possible relationship. If only Maze didn’t make it harder! Oh, and what attracts Maze in Charlotte is the smell of Hell she has all over her. That’s interesting.

Lucifer, Chloe and Pierce are making some progress with the investigation in a rather unusual way, if you will, trying to get the neighbors’ attention and, we can say, hatred, and Lucifer and Pierce look even more like a real couple, and just like you would expect, they throw a party! But don’t worry, it’s all about the case. It was really funny the sequence where Lucifer parties with girls and loud music in his backyard. This definitely makes the episode lighter and different from any I’ve seen of this show. They even stage a fig… No, ok, you got me now. But they do fight, almost to the point where they blow up their cover.

Surprisingly, this helps both get the killer and also put Pierce and Lucifer on the same page. There’s even a kiss!! Anyway, this helped to reinforce the base of Lucifer and the Lieutenant’s relationship. They’ll need more than ever to be on the same page, considering they have a difficult task of killing Cain, who was cursed by Lucifer’s Father ahead of them.

When it comes to Pierce and Chloe, in this episode, Pierce quickly kills any chance of anything happening (for now) between them, but admits to having a moment with Chloe. I think it won’t be like that for long. Cain has a soft spot for Chloe as well, in my opinion, and as they said the Lucifer-Chloe-Pierce relationship is going to be a central theme in this second part of the season, something may happen in a not-so-distant future.