The Flash (S04E14) "Subject 9"

So we had a lot of things happen and it made me happy and sad with this episode I think this would’ve been one of my favorite episodes if only the certain incident didn’t happen to the character but I will get to that in a little bit.

So with this episode we met one villain that I have been a bit of a fan of The Fiddler (Miranda MacDougall). The only reason why I became a fan of The Fiddler in the first place when I read comic books was because of how the character used that fiddle, I always thought it was really cool. It’s one of the reasons why I became a musician when I was in middle and high school cause I wanted to learn cool music and seem as cool as The Fiddler. But the sex change of the Fiddler for the series is a very good move it made me fall in love with the character. The other change that I found to be interesting is that in the comics The Fiddler only played celtic kind of music but in the series we had her play country music. I really liked that change in the character try making it be a change in music. Even though I would’ve loved to see The Fiddler play some celtic but thats okay.

We had The Fiddler whose backstory in this series is a lot more interesting than what was in the comics. The backstory was she left everything behind family, friends, all for fame. But in her defense she did have the talents of a true famous musician. I really loved the Fiddler for this series though I just wish they would’ve had it to where Fiddler became a true part of team Flash. But I guess they can’t make all a part of Team Flash.

We also saw that Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) having problems not with the pregnancy but with the mind of Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) apparently Joes unconsciousness dreams are like an action movie that never stops with the action. All I’m imagining with that imagery is Joe on a battlefield open firing on soldiers and possibly evil metas and Joe is the only hero. But to make the silence happen Cecile asks for Harry (Tom Cavanagh) for help. His first attempt is too bulky and rough and round. Harry’s second attempt was better which forced them to finally create the dampner that Savitar spoke about the team making in the future to stop Devoe.

Next we had Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) who I’ve always never really liked, sure he has his moments of being awesome but over all there has just never been a reason why I should like the character at all. Like seriously, he is just annoying, but in this episode I chose to give the guy a break because he was crushing on my new favorite character The Fiddler. It was nice to see Fiddler and Ralph having kind of a buddy/ love interest possibility but we all know what happens to love interests with superheroes, they die. Except for Iris (Candice Patton) because apparently death can’t get her through the door. When it came to Becky/Devoe (Sugar Lyn Beard) to entrap Fiddler in her own trap to capture the body of Fiddler it broke my heart seeing Ralph trying his best to get through the barrier to save Fiddler. Now Fiddler is the new Devoe, god this whole body swapping is going to give me a headache, somebody stop this mad-mind swapping bodies I’m pretty sure I’m confusing the hell out of my readers sometimes.
Now that Barry (Grant Gustin) doesn’t have a job with the CCPD anymore it gives Ralph this opportunity to give Barry a job in Private Investigating, which now gives it a good slogan for the team, private investigator by day, superhero by night.

Next Episode: The Flash(S04E15): “Enter Flashtime” airs Tuesday March 6, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW