The Middle (S09E15) "Toasted"

The Olympics are over, which means the Hecks are finally back with a new episode!

It’s Sue’s 21st birthday and Frankie goes over to East Indy to celebrate with her. They’re going out for drinks and because this is the first time Sue really has a drink (we’ll let that one time slide where she twerked after she got ‘drunk’ drinking one sip of alcohol), Frankie tries to teach her how to drink responsibly. Things get a little out of hand when people keep giving Sue free drinks and even though Frankie tries to stop her from drinking too much, they both end up drunk. After bumping into both Aidan and Sean, the guys decide to take them home and we see how Sean takes care of the situation, while Aidan can’t. Sue seems to realize this as well because the day after her birthday she decides to break things off with Aidan, which gets us one step closer to Sean and Sue getting together. And in the end Frankie does end up teaching Sue something: how to manage a hangover.

Meanwhile, Axl and Kenny drive up to Ohio to attend Kenny’s wedding. While they’re in the Winnebago on their way to Kenny’s wedding, they rehash old memories and realize that, now that they have a friend who’s getting married, they actually may be grownups now. But there’s not much time to think about that because they also have to write a speech. As hard as it is to write a speech for Kenny, they do know exactly what kind of speech they would give on each other’s weddings. And when they finally arrive in Ohio they realize they might be more grown up than they initially thought. We only get to see a small part of Kenny’s wedding, but what we saw was great: just a few people and a big TV screen with all the other 600 guests to see Kenny getting married.

In the last storyline, Mike is the unlucky one who gets to join Brick to another Planet Nowhere convention. He isn’t really sharing Brick’s spirit for the event and doesn’t let him buy any collector’s items. Brick is obviously mad about this, and gets his mom to tell Mike to just suck it up. Mike is annoyed that Brick would go to Frankie behind his back while he is the ‘parent on duty’ and things get even worse when Mike and Brick get home and Mike breaks Brick’s microfiche, trying to punish him for his rude behavior. However, Mike is still convinced that spending much money on collector’s items is a waste, until Brick shows him that he is being a bit of a hypocrite with all the Colts stuff he owns. Mike takes Brick back to the convention and buys him some commemorative Planet Nowhere items.

I’m happy that we finally got to see a new episode again and I really enjoyed it. We’ve seen a drunk Frankie before, but to see Frankie and Sue getting drunk together was just perfect, and I want to see it more often (although I doubt that we will). I’m very glad that Sue broke up with Aidan because this means there is one less bump in the road of Sue and Sean getting together, we have waited long enough!

As we get closer to the end of the season, and with that the end of the show, you can feel that the writers are trying to fill the episodes with goodbyes . With this being the last episode for Hutch and Kenny to appear in, it was nice to see that they got a proper sendoff. The final moments in the Winnebago between Axl and Hutch were very sweet. It was great to see their friendship develop over the years and I love it that they are both so grownup now, even though they probably don’t want to admit it.

The storyline between Brick and Mike also had some funny moments. I love how committed Brick is when it comes to Planet Nowhere and I thought the ending was pretty great where you can see how Brick’s obsession for these books is just as big as Mike’s obsession for the Colts. They’re more alike than they think they are.

Now that we’re in the final stretch, more and more posts like this are showing up…

9 episodes to go…..

Again there will not be another episode on next week. In two weeks, on March 13th The Middle will be back at 8/7c on ABC.