This Is Us (S02E16) "Vegas, Baby"

This Is Us is back for the final three episodes and this week’s brings a celebrations with rejuvenation.

With Kate and Toby celebrating their bachelorette and bachelor party in Vegas, things don’t go according to what they were hoping. With Kevin and Randall hanging with Toby, they face some challenge with Kevin learning that he was cut from the Ron Howard film and Randall’s encounter with Deja get’s him thinking that something is wrong.

Kate’s party with Beth and Madison seemed to be a blast than Toby after Kevin and Randall bailed out on him. Randall talks with Beth about how he thinks that something is wrong and she tells him that he needs to stop worrying and not only do they get into it but Kate intercepts as well. Not only Kate talks to Randall of how she loves to hangout with him after Jack died and later Kate talks with Beth about their relationship.

Meanwhile, with Toby hanging out with a group of so called back up friends, Kevin and Randall talk with Toby and after Toby gives some advise to their problems, they take him on the night in Vegas.

With the bachelor parties, we take a look at Jack and Rebecca’s anniversary from their first to just before the kids were born. But we land on the year that they decide not to celebrate and Kevin thinks that Randall, Kate and him should help them celebrating by cooking them dinner. Well, things don’t go all that well with dinner getting pushed late and Jack forgot to turn the oven on.

But the reason why Kevin thought about doing this was that Sophia’s parents were getting a divorce and thinking that they would too if they didn’t celebrate. But that wasn’t going to happen, but the kids did pull off a surprise when Jack and Rebecca went to their bedroom to find a path of Christmas lights that led to the widow and a message for them to tell them to look at the meteor shower.
The episode did leave with another emotional moments from Kevin calling Howard about the cut that wasn’t true, to Jack telling Rebecca about how much he wishes to see her everyday and when Beth decides to find Deja, who was sleeping in a car with her mother.

“Vegas, Baby” was another satisfying episode that’s full of humor, emotion and rejuvenation. For the first time, I really enjoyed how the character Beth was so well developed and kind of being the bad person just a bit with Randall worried about Deja. I’ve always thought of Beth to be a realist for Randall and the family not thinking too big and not thinking too small. With the ending of this episode I really can’t wait to see what the final two episodes of the season would bring. The writing was really good and along with the performances from Susan Kelechi Watson and Chris Sullivan, who I enjoyed a lot in this episode and learning a bit from his past I can totally relate with him about. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

What did you think of last night’s episode? How do you see this season going with only two episodes left? Leave a comment.

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