Burden of Truth (S01E01) "Wake Up Call"

Circumstances force Joanna to return to her hometown to represent a client of hers which goes against her father’s wishes as we see him try as hard as he can to convince her not to. His behavior hints to a secret he’s trying to hide from her making as all the more curious as to what did he do that makes him so agitated by the idea of his daughter finding out ad how bad was it?

With her return we learn of her friendship with Diane who is now a student’s counselor in the school and of her somewhat wild childhood which I’m looking forward to learning more about. As for Diane she comes out as a kind and compassionate person who is also a divorced mother of two. Her story seems interesting I’m hoping we can get to learn more of her personal life in further episodes and see more of her friendship with Joanna flourish. From the little we’ve seen of it were shown that these tow had been really close and still care a lot about each other and maybe with her short return they can reconnect again.

bod20 al  - Burden of Truth (S01E01) "Wake Up Call"As for her case which was to defend her clients who developed a vaccine that was now being blamed for the side effects the affected girls were portraying. We see how resourceful and tactic she is when she visits her doctor for a checkup and ends up getting the required information which will serve to help her case. We also see how diligent she is as a lawyer as she personally goes to the school to investigate the surroundings of anything the girls may have been in contact with that might have caused their symptoms. While in court she ends up meeting an old schoolmate Billy and the atmosphere around them proves that there are unresolved issues between them and at one point they may have been attracted to each other.

In her quest to win her case we see how dedicated she is to win her case that she ends up convincing one of the victims to sign the settlement behind her parents back. As much as she was in the legal bounds this did not sit well with me as it showed she would do just about anything to win.

When molly the star football player of the town ends up sick new evidence comes to light which would absolve her client of all charges thus guaranteeing a win. Despite clearing her client of all charges her conscious doesn’t sit well with her and she decides to stay back and get to the bottom of the mystery and also help the girls get justice this was also greatly influenced by Taylor (the sick girl whom she convinced to sign the settlement) confrontation and hearing how the tics had ruined her life. As a result she ends up teaming up with Billy so that she can get to the bottom of this mystery.

Sadly her return wasn’t a smooth sailing as we learn of her father’s name being taken of the school which before was in his honor which makes us question his actions that led to it. Not only that, we are also informed of the rumors which I commend the writers for they made it so vague but yet still captured our interest to want to know more of it. What sealed the coffin for my suspicions was when a woman approached Joana a the bar and ended up punching he when she discovered she was David Hanley’s daughter and to make matters worse is him convincing her that this could have arisen due to her past. All these actions make us question the magnitude of the mistake he committed.

The series is enthralling and has the potential of growing and being much more since the storyline seems to be taking an interesting route. I love the focus of the small town (Millwood) and the mysteries and secrets of the town which gives it a dark side and yet at the same time we see its beauty bringing a balance to it and making the town seem more than just a boring little town. As for the characters casting was perfect which I must commend the casting directors for since as all characters are portrayed amazingly and they complement the storyline quite well. Looking forward to watching more episodes of this new yet astonishingly amazing series.

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